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Map of Project Zomboid overlayed on top of the real world photos of the area. (click to enlarge)
A picture of the in-game Knox Country map.(click to enlarge)
PlushSpiffo.pngThis article is about the current map for Project Zomboid. For the map prior to 0.2.0r, see Knox County.

Thanks to the efforts of Blindcoder, a complete and fully interactive map has been made available to the community. You can assist in his efforts on expanding the project by visiting the thread on the forums.

Knox Country, previously called Knox County, is a partially fictional area where the events of Project Zomboid take place. The map is heavily based off of the real-world area around Fort Knox and Louisville in northern Kentucky, USA. Knox Country contains recreations of the real-world Muldraugh, West Point, Dixie Mobile Park and March Ridge, with Fort Knox and Louisville planned to be added. There are also some entirely fictional towns within Project Zomboid, including: Rosewood, Riverside, Crossroads Mall and Knox Penitentiary.

Knox Country was previously called Knox County, which was renamed in 2013 after the original map was scrapped and remade. Prior to the remake, the entire town of Muldraugh fit into one cell, whereas the 40.43 version is made up of 8 cells. The map has since been heavily inspired by the satellite view of the real towns of Muldraugh and West Point

Future locations are rumoured to be Louisville, Fort Knox and Brandenburg, along with countless areas of forest, small towns and farms.

Muldraugh, KY

Main article: Muldraugh, KY
Picture of the in-game map of Muldraugh.(click to enlarge)

Muldraugh has 342 buildings of town and a former population of "3566". Forty of the buildings being the "Special" buildings noted below which usually have more loot, more valuable loot, or are just monuments of the pre-apocalyptic world.

Some points of interest in town:

The rest of the 302 buildings include houses, warehouses, sheds, and mansions.

West Point, KY

Main article: West Point, KY
A map of West Point (click to enlarge)

West point in terms of size, is smaller than Muldraugh. However, it has a larger population and population density than Muldraugh so zombies are clumped in larger packs.

Some points of interest in town:

Valley Station, KY

Main article: Valley Station, KY
A picture of the in-game map of Valley Station. (click to enlarge)
A picture of the in-game map of Crossroads_Mall. (click to enlarge)

A small area northeast of West Point and across the river with a few notable attractions. (There are only two access points across the river at this time)

Some points of interest in town:

March Ridge, KY

Main article: March Ridge, KY
A map of March Ridge (click to enlarge)

Some points of interest in town:

Rosewood, KY

Main article: Rosewood, KY
A map of Rosewood (click to enlarge)
A map of Knox Penitentiary (click to enlarge)

Some points of interest in town:


Main article: Dixie Mobile Park
A map of Dixie (click to enlarge)

Dixie is a trailer park just outside of Muldraugh on the way to West Point.

Some points of interest in town:

Riverside, KY

Main article: Riverside, KY
A map of Riverside (click to enlarge)

Some points of interest in town:

Rural town and farmland

A map of the rural town and farmland (click to enlarge)

Some points of interest in town:

Secret Government facility

Secret government facility added in secret with build 40.

Louisville, KY

Main article: Louisville, KY
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Louisville teaser, with Mauldraugh for scale. (click to enlarge)

Some points of interest in town:

  • Cathedral with a pipe organ
  • Multistory hospital
  • Spiffo's headquarters
  • Bridge(s) crossing the Ohio river (potentially collapsed)

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