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Food Market is a grocery store chain with locations in Fallas Lake, Louisville, Valley Station, Doe Valley, West Point and Muldraugh. There are several locations in Louisville.


Location Description Coordinates
Food market.png
Downtown, north of the Louisville State University Campus.
Gusto D'ItaliaTaco del Pancho Liquorty Split Food Market.png
Southeastern suburbs, in a strip mall near the GigaMart. It is the farthest unit to the right with the green sign.
Food market maudraugh.png
In the trailer parks, near the Waites Motel.
Food market diner.png
Southeastern suburbs, next to a Diner.
Food market next to police.png
Southeastern suburbs, next to a small police station.
Doe Valley
Food market south west of fallas lake.png
Southwest of Fallas Lake, near Jamieton Army Surplus and Lenny's Car Repair.
Valley Station
Food market valley.png
North of the Crossroads Mall, next to a Burgers.
Dixie Mobile Park
Near the eastern trailer park.
West Point
Food market west point across the street from seahorse coffee.png
Across the street from Seahorse Coffee.
Fallas Lake
Main street, near Farming & Rural Supply.


The layout of individual locations varies, but all locations consist of a storefront that contains a wide variety of fresh produce and food products. Some locations contain a kitchen and display cases for baked items, and most also contain a back room with additional food.


  • The West Point location has apartments located above it, accessible via a staircase in the back storage room. They contain similar loot to a standard house.


Video of the store:

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