Doe Valley

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Doe Valley
Screenshot 2023-11-01 10.29.09 AM.png
Overhead view of Doe Valley
Population Unknown
State Kentucky
Country United States of America
Coordinates Show location on an interactive map6734x10020

Doe Valley is a large area covering a lot of space in the Western part of the Knox Country map. The area of Doe Valley is almost entirely covered by farmlands and small farmhouses, going as far as the western map border, encompassing Fallas Lake, with Rosewood bordering the south and Riverside up north of the Valley.


Doe Valley is one of the largest areas on the map, with most of the area being empty farmland with the odd house or line of warehouses. However, there are two small villages on the corner of the Valley that have most of locations of interest, and while there are few they can be extremely valuable and hold large amounts of loot, such as Jamieton Army Surplus.

Businesses and landmarks

Food & drink

Business Type Coordinates
Restaurant Restaurant 5544x9661
Diner Diner 3701x8460


Business Type Coordinates
Pony Roam-O Park/leisure 8563x8515


Business Type Coordinates
County Offices Office building 5435x9681
Produce warehouses Produce storage 6773x10002
Military barracks Military barracks 8162x10242

Retail & stores

Business Type Coordinates
Clothing store Clothing store 5497x9564
Camping store Camping supply store 3800x8549
Gun store Gun store 3806x8513
Food Market Grocery store 5459x9584
Jamieton Army Surplus Military surplus store 5464x9511


Business Type Coordinates
Doctor's office Medical clinic 5497x9582


Business Type Coordinates
Lenny's Car Repair Automobile repair shop 5466x9658
Coin Op Laundromat Laundromat 5472x9680
Unnamed gas station Gas station 5473x9709
Gas N More Gas station 3692x8495


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