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This item or feature has been removed from the game and replaced by Knox Country in version 0.2.0r.
Each numbered areas on the map represent a possible Forest map cell. (click to enlarge)

The Forest was the second explorable area of Knox County in the 0.2.0r map. It features many trees and a farmhouse in the center. Zombie are not common in the forest.


Players can access the Forests by exiting the main map west, east or south.


As the name implies, the Forest is a location with many trees, making it a great place to collect wood. Nothing else of value can be found in this area. The Forest is extremely difficult to move and see through. This makes the Forest a potential hazard almost as dangerous as the zombies that walk about the streets of the towns. If you do happen to need to trek through the Forest, it is vital you take a good sum of food and water to ensure you reach your destination.

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