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This feature has been removed from the game in patch 0.2.0r RC2.5.
It has been replaced by Knox Country.
PlushSpiffo.pngThis article is about the legacy 0.2.0r map of Knox County. For the recreated map, see You Have One Day.
Woods map.

The Woods were located south of the Suburbs and west of the Downtown District in the 0.2.0r of the Knox County map. Made of mostly trees, it had a 2-story house with a barn at the southwestern end and a small woodcutter shack at the northwest end, which belongs to the Suburb sector.


1: Barn

A simple Barn with 8 windows and a 2 block wide door entrance. It had only 1 room and doesn't have any containers, so it wasn't really a good place to make a base in.

2:The Farm House

A 2-story-high house, with a small toilet, a kitchen with 5 kitchen containers with a refrigerator. The 2nd floor had 2 small bedrooms with 3 beds and a few closets and desks.


Other 0.2.0r maps

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