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Project Zomboid
Developer(s) The Indie Stone
Publisher(s) The Indie Stone
Platform(s) Mac
Genre(s) Role-playing
Theme(s) Survival horror
Release June 20, 2011 (Pre-alpha)
November 8, 2013 (Alpha)
Written in Java
Latest version Stable: 41.65
IWBUMS: 41.65
License Terms and conditions
Size ~3.20 GB

Project Zomboid, commonly abbreviated as PZ or Zomboid, is a zombie survival simulator currently in early access, with open world, RPG and Sandbox game-play elements. Coded in Java and Lua, Project Zomboid is set to be released on PC, Mac and Linux.

Currently in development by The Indie Stone, Project Zomboid has been in active production as far as March 15 2011: the game's Official Announcement date. The Indie Stone have been very open with their fans on the forums, which has allowed the game to evolve along with the growing community's requests and the developer's own image of the final product.

The game is currently in Alpha stage, at 41.65, which is distributed on GOG and Steam Early Access. A demo of Project Zomboid, showing the game as it was in early November 2013, is available on Steam. They intend to do this until The Indie Stone fully releases the game.

Game Modes

The character creation screen.

Currently, there are 3 Game Modes: Story Mode, Sandbox Mode and Last Stand.

Story Mode

Story Mode's only "scenario", which will be reimplemented soon, is 'Til Death Us Do Part, which tells the story of Bob & Kate Smith. It's also the game's tutorial, showing you how to move, craft bandages and treat wounds, barricade your house, etc...

More stories are planned in the future by either The Indie Stone or the Modding Community itself, as mapping tools have been distributed freely.

when selecting Story Mode, players are taken to the Character Creation Screen, where you can customize your name, appearance, profession and traits.

Sandbox Mode

When selecting Sandbox Mode, the Player can set different environment options like weather, zombie properties and loot rarity, after this players are taken to the Character Creation Screen, where you can customize your name, appearance, profession and traits.

Last Stand

In the Last Stand Mode you start in a House with preset Loot in it, including several melee weapons, a shotgun, a gun and ammo. Your Goal is, like in the other modes, to survive as long as you can, which is much harder than in Sandbox or Survival because the Zombies are allready moving towards and seeking for you.


Starting off.jpg

Played from an Isometric point-of-view, players must survive a zombie apocalypse in Knox Country, a partially fictional location heavily influenced by the area around real-world Muldraugh and West Point, Kentucky U.S.A.

Survivors must scavenge weapons, food and medicine while exploring vacated streets and buildings. When encountering zombies, the player must fight with whatever he has on hand which can range from a powerful Fire Axe to a puny Butter Knife. Sometimes, running away is the best solution.

When night falls, the player must fight against himself: exhaustion, hunger, thirst and boredom. These select few status effects, called Moodles, can be treated by sleeping in beds, eating previously scavenged food, refilling your Water Bottle at your nearest faucet and entertain yourself by reading books, magazines and newspapers. The Moodles increases the immersion and realism of a zombie outbreak as well as a real human life with needs.

Players can fortify a Safehouse by barricading the doors and windows with Wooden Planks and Bed Sheets using carpentry tools like Hammers, Nails and Saws. More creative players can go as far as building a custom house by creating Walls, Doors, Window and Door Frames and Stairs.

After enough training, the players Skills will increase in level with a little song to indicate that the skill has leveled up.

The main goal in Project Zomboid is to stay alive as long as possible... or die trying. When the player dies, a message will scroll from bottom to top indicating how many years, months and days have passed since the game started. Also, dying Auto-Saves the game, meaning you have to start a new character. This prevents "Time-Traveling Quick Load Cheating", making the game more Hardcore.


Project Zomboid, primarily coded in the ambitious Java programming language, is being developed by The Indie Stone, a small independent gaming studio based in the United Kingdom and Canada, with contractors from all across the globe.

The current team includes:

Member Role
Will "Batsphinx" Porter Writer
Andy "CaptainBinky" Hodgetts Artist, Animator, Programmer
Chris "lemmy101" Simpson Coder
Marina "MashPotato" Siu-Chong Artist
Paul "ringod123" Ring Scripter, Mapper
Romain "RobertJohnson" Dron Coder
Zach Beever Music Composer
Tim "EasyPickens" Baker Coder
Martin Greenall Animator, Modeller
Connall Lindsey Coder
Kees "TurboTuTone" Bekkema Coder
Yuri Yakovlev Coder
Zac Congo Programmer

Planned features

  • The return of the PZ Stories mode that also serves as the first ever tutorial actively trying to kill you at every turn. Kate and Baldspot return!
  • In-depth and varied NPC encounters driven in a persistent world, powered by a metagame system that turns each play-through into your very own zombie survival movie with emergent narrative gameplay.
  • Constant expansion of the countryside and cities around Muldraugh and West Point.
  • Full wilderness survival systems, animals and hunting for food.
  • More items, crafting recipes, weapons and gameplay systems.
  • Steam Workshop and Achievements suppоrt.


Despite being in pre-alpha stage, the early builds/versions have garnered a considerable audience, praising the realism and old school isometric approach. Now with almost 10 000 registered forum users, the early versions of the game "morphed" with the community's suggestions and The Indie Stone's view of the final product. Anyone can go in the Suggestion forums and share any ideas they have for the future, and even have a chance to be replied by the developers themselves.

As of March 27 2012, Update v2.0r as been announced and has generated a lot of hype, mainly due to new game mechanics implementation, new weapons and overall game polish. With over 780 replies and 63000 views, it is one of the most active thread since the new update's announcement. Some jokers on the forums went as far as changing their post's title from RE: UPCOMING to RE: RELEASED, tricking newer forums member into believing the update has been released.

On April 10 2012, The Indie Stone posted 2 new videos about a new sprite animation system. Opinions on the forums were divided. Following this, lemmy101 posted this thread regarding the new sprites.



Since September 11 2011, the popular sandbox game Minecraft has been giving shoutouts to Project Zomboid via the main menu's yellow Splash Text, saying "Also try Project Zomboid".

At the 2012 BAFTA Awards, Markus "Notch" Persson, during his Special Award speech, mentioned Project Zomboid along with Fez and Proteus.

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