Kees Bekkema

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Kees Bekkema

Residence Netherlands
Other names TurboTuTone
Occupation Programmer for The Indie Stone
Known for Project Zomboid
Erosion mod
ApCom mod

Kees "TurboTuTone" Bekkema, often abbreviated to just Turbo, is an official coder for The Indie Stone's Project Zomboid from the Netherlands.[1] Turbo first discovered Project Zomboid while it was still available on Desura, prior to its release on Steam in 2013. He entered the spotlight among the community as a modder after releasing his Erosion mod in November of 2013.[2] The mod immediately caught traction within the community and eventually, Turbo joined The Indie Stone to integrate his mod into the main game in September of 2014.[3]

Shortly after integrating and expanding upon his Erosion mod in the main game, Turbo was officially announced as a member of The Indie Stone's dev team, in December of 2014.[4] He first began integrating TV and radio channels prepared by Will Porter.

Turbo is currently in the process of finalising his new weather, climate, storms and fog system which is being released with build 40.[5] Going forward, Turbo is expected to return to working on 'electronic systems', likely including the usability of CD players and VHS tapes.[6]


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