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A moodle is an indicator of the current emotional and physical state of the player, similar to status effects in role-playing games. Moodles are displayed in the top right-hand corner of the screen, and hovering the cursor over an individual moodle provides further information.

List of Moodles

Moodle bleeding.png Bleeding

The character is losing blood from an open wound, either from a bite, scratch or other injuries. The severity of the bleeding dictates how quickly the character loses vitality. This moodle can be removed by bandaging the bleeding body parts, or countering the health drain by being fed. Note that zombies are attracted to the scent of a bleeding player.
Minor Bleeding
"Bandage required."
Slight bleeding from a minor wound. Slow health loss over time if left unchecked.
"Strength and speed reduced."
Bleeding from multiple wounds. Moderate health loss over time if left unchecked.
Severe Bleeding
"Strength and speed severely reduced."
Heavy bleeding from multiple serious wounds. Serious health loss over time if left unchecked.
Massive Blood Loss
"Death imminent"
Massive bleeding that will lead to death unless dealt with immediately.

Moodle bored.png Bored

This moodle indicates that the character is bored from inactivity. It is triggered by standing idle for too long, being indoors or eating poor quality food. This moodle can be removed by reading literature, killing zombies and being active outdoors. As the moodle's intensity increases, so does the risk of becoming unhappy.
Getting Bored
"Occupy yourself, or seek entertainment"
The character is starting to get bored.
"In danger of becoming unhappy"
At this stage, there's a risk of becoming unhappy. The player should find something to occupy themselves with.
Very Bored
"High chance of becoming unhappy"
Higher chance of becoming unhappy; seeking entertainment is a more pressing priority.
Extremely Bored
"Very high chance of becoming unhappy"
The character is extremely bored, and the unhappy moodle is imminent.

Moodle cold.png Has a Cold

The character has been exposed to cold weather, or stayed wet long enough to contract a cold. While suffering from a cold, the character will occasionally cough and sneeze, attracting nearby zombies. The sound can be dampened with tissue. To cure a cold faster, the player should stay well-fed and avoid being wet or cold. Having the Resilient Traits also helps with recovery, and Prone to Illness does the opposite.
Runny Nose
"Occasional sneezing"
The Sniffles
"Prone to sneezing"
You have a cold
"Sneezing and Coughing. Speed and healing reduced."
You have a nasty cold
"Sneezing and Coughing. Speed and healing severely reduced."

Moodle dead.png Dead

The character has taken too much damage, lost all of their health and passed away. This is the moodle that results from dying, provided that the player wasn't infected instead.
"High chance of becoming rat food"

Moodle drunk.png Drunk

The character has drunk alcohol and has become intoxicated. Being drunk dramatically increases the tired moodle depending on the level of drunkness, makes your character generates heat quicker and weapon accuracy is diminished. This moodle will disappear over time, with sleep and rest speeding up the process.
A Bit Tipsy
"Downed some booze"
"Co-ordination slightly impaired."
"Coordination impaired"
Utterly Shit-Faced
"Iss you an' me 'gainst the wurld. I love you. I LOVE YOU."

Moodle endurance.png Endurance

The character is tired from exerting themselves by running, attacking, doing exercises, being tired or carrying too much. Strength and speed diminish as the player becomes more exhausted. This can be undone by stopping and standing still to rest, by walking instead of running, sitting on the ground, by sleeping or resting on chairs, beds, couches. Being exerted will increase the time of stamina regeneration. The more exhausted the player is, the longer it will take for them to recover. Having high fitness increases stamina recovery and decrease stamina consumption for everything (other than exercises).
Moderate Exertion
"Take a break."
The character is becoming exhausted. Can still do any physical activities normally but slower and weaker.
High Exertion
"Can barely run"
The character is exhausted. Walking will start to decrease stamina and sprinting is disabled.
Excessive Exertion
"Can barely walk"
The character is very exhausted and can no longer run. Usually happens after running a very far distance, when the character is very encumbered or when the character has swung his weapon repeatedly.
"Can barely move"
The character is extremely exhausted and will walk very slowly. Usually happens after running a very far distance, when the character is very encumbered or when they have swung their weapon repeatedly. The character will no longer be able to swing the sledgehammer.

Moodle heavyLoad.png Heavy Load

The character is carrying too many items and is slowly getting exhausted and is unable to move at their usual speed. This moodle can be removed by dropping items, placing them in containers, consuming food, or otherwise using up items to reduce weight. As the moodle increases, the player will swing weapons slower, push zombies less further and has less chance to push them down and will soon be unable to carry out further actions. Having a very heavy load will begin to degenerate the player's health until it reaches 75%.
(Note: The numbers below are for a default, normal status without the hunger, thirsty, injured or sick moodle or other positive/negative effects such as strong, stout or weak Traits.)
Fairly Heavy Load
Total Weight: 0.1+
"Carrying a little too much"
The character is encumbered.
Heavy Load
Total Weight: 2+
"Movement speed reduced"
The character is moderately encumbered.
Very Heavy Load
Total Weight: 4+
"Movement speed highly reduced"
The character is very encumbered.
Extremely Heavy Load
Total Weight: 6+
"Can't take much more! Movement compromised."
The character is extremely encumbered and will take severe damage until the load is removed.

Moodle hyperthermia.png Hyperthermia

The character is getting too hot due to excessive heat exposure from a heat source, clothing, weather vehicle heater. Going in doors or wearing less warm clothes will remove this. Being hydrated is important to have good heat resistance. This is also a sign of zombie infection, as the character's body core temperature rises.
Unpleasantly Hot
"Consider resting somewhere less exposed. Thirst increased"
The character is starting to become too hot. Their thirst levels will start to increase.
"Thirsty. Sweaty Over-exposed beneath a burning sun"
The character is getting hotter and thirst will increase quicker.
"Nauseous, unable to concentrate, and desperate for liquids."
Thirst will increase even quicker. Minor reduction in spacial awareness.
"Delirious and horrible death from exposure imminent."

Moodle hypothermia.png Hypothermia

The character is too cold due to a lack of warm clothes, staying wet, cold weather and windchill or a vehicle's A/C. To combat hypothermia, the character can wear warmer clothes, stay indoors, build a campfire or turn on the heater in a vehicle. Being hungry, tired and unfit severely reduces the character cold resistance. This moodle affects character speed and as of build 40, the character will slowly lose health when hypothermic, to the point of death if it doesn't manage to warm up. Being cold also increases the chance of catching the flu.
"It feels a bit nippy round here..."
The character is starting to become cold.
"You need to find ways to keep warm."
The character is getting colder.
"Man alive. It is SO cold."
The character's spacial awareness is lowered.
"Body and mind obsessed by the cold."
The character's spacial awareness is lowered even more. At this point the character will slowly lose health until they die, unless it warms up again.

Moodle wet.png Wet

The character is standing in a source where they can become wet (typically rain). Prolonged exposure can increase the risk in which the player will get a cold, but the outdoorsman and resilient trait reduces the chance of catching a cold. This moodle can be removed by going indoors out of the rain for a while, standing by a heat source, or drying themselves with a dish towel or bath towel. The character can slow the rate of wetness by equipping an umbrella in their first or secondary slot; it won't fully stop them from getting wet, but it stops the "Soaking" and "Drenched" moodle. Having their clothes wet will also decrease their insulation.
"Get out of the rain or you'll catch your death"
The character is slightly wet from being in the rain for too long.
"Speed slightly reduced"
The character is somewhat wet from being in the rain for too long and moves a little slower.
"Speed reduced & chance of catching a cold"
The character is quite wet from being in the rain for too long and may become sick as a result.
"Speed severely reduced & high chance of catching a cold"
The character is very wet from being in the rain for too long and is likely to become sick as a result.

Moodle Icon Windchill.png Windchill

The character is being exposed to wind and its apparent temperature may be colder than the actual air temperature. The colder the air is, the stronger the windchill is. The only way to get rid of this moodle is by going indoors.
Slight windchill
"It's feeling 5 to 10 degrees colder than it actually is."
Uncomfortable windchill
"It's feeling 10 to 15 degrees colder than it actually is."
Freezing windchill
"It's feeling 15 to 20 degrees colder than it actually is."
Horrific windchill
"It's feeling more than 20 degrees colder than it actually is."
At this point, getting cold is inevitable. Strong blizzards can trigger this moodle.

Moodle hungry.png Hungry

This moodle represents the character's hunger state. A red background indicates that the player needs to eat food. A green background shows that the character is well fed. Being fed boosts strength and healing rate, depending on the amount of food consumed, whereas being hungry has the opposite effect (reducing strength and healing rate). The player's carrying capacity will change depending on the state of hunger.
Negative Hunger Effects
"Could do with a bite to eat"
The character is beginning to feel hungry.
"Reduced strength and Healing"
The character is hungry and weak because he or she hasn't eaten for a few days.
Carrying Capacity reduced by 1 point. Healing speed slightly slower.
Very Hungry
"Severely Reduced strength and Healing"
The character is very hungry since he hasn't eaten for almost a week and will need a big meal to satiate their hunger.
Carrying Capacity reduced by 2 point. Healing speed moderately slower.
"Health now falling away"
The character is extremely hungry and will perish unless they eat.
Carrying Capacity reduced by 2 points. The character will lose health slowly until he or she eats again.

Positive Hunger Effects
Having any positive hunger moodle will give the player +2 points of carrying capacity. The player will also heal from wounds faster, however hunger will decrease quicker while this buff is active, meaning a lot more food needs to be eaten a in order to maintain these bonuses.
"Gnawing hunger entirely absent."
The character is not hungry, for now. The player heals faster and their strength is increased.
Well Fed
"Tummy full. Goodness is making its way through your system."
The character is full. The player heals faster and their strength is increased.
"Stomach contented. Health and strength aided."
The character is full and energized. The player heals faster and their strength is increased.
Full to Bursting
"Couldn't take another single, solitary bite."
The character is completely full and will not be hungry for a long while. The player heals faster and their strength is increased.

Moodle injured.png Injured

The character has been injured in some way and has lost some health. This moodle is an indicator for the player's level of health remaining. Having critical injuries will begin to drain the player's health further until death.
(Note: Effects on the character mostly depends on the spot of the wound. However, strength will still decrease no matter what.)
"Something doesn't feel right..."
"Strength and speed reduced"
Severe Injuries
"Strength and speed severely reduced"
Critical Injuries
"Not going gently into that good night..."

Moodle pain.png Pain

The character is in pain, from a wound, exercise fatigue or other injuries. This moodle can be removed by using painkillers. The level of pain is more or less consistent with the severity of the character's injuries. Having severe pain or agony with near-full health is an indicator that the player may be infected. It is possible for the player to be in too much pain to sleep, requiring the use of painkillers.
Minor Pain
"Feeling slight pain"
The character is in only slight pain, no negative effects yet.
"Speed and Accuracy slightly reduced"
The character is in a moderate amount of pain. He or she will move slower and will stab/hit/shoot less accurately. Unable to sleep.
Severe Pain
"Speed and Accuracy reduced"
The character is in severe pain. He or she will move even slower and will stab/hit/shoot less accurately. Unable to sleep.
"Speed and Accuracy severely reduced"
The character is in complete agony. The character will move slowly and will stab/hit/shoot inaccurately. Unable to sleep and cannot do exercises.

Moodle panic.png Panic

The character is panicking at the sight or sound of zombies and has a lowered spacial awareness as well as accuracy with firearms. In Build 40 the effect of even extreme panic on melee weapon accuracy is negligible and knockdown is increased, but in IWBUMS 41.45 there is a larger effect on melee accuracy, but melee knockdown does not seem to be as strongly effected (if at all). However, push knockdown chance is moderately affected. This moodle can be removed and prevented temporarily by using beta blockers or alcohol. Sleep will boost the rate of panic loss. With time, this moodle will become less common as the character becomes acclimated with the zombies. Panic reduces daily as time ticks over to midnight to the next day up to a maximum of 150 days survived.
Slight Panic
"Do your best to remain calm"
"Accuracy reduced"
Strong Panic
"Accuracy severely reduced"
Extreme Panic
"Accuracy and vision severely reduced"

Moodle sick.png Sick

The character has contracted some sort of illness through consuming raw/bad food or having been infected by a zombie. The effects of food poisoning is reversible by being well-fed and by not being Tired, whereas zombification can never be cured. Selecting the Hypochondriac Trait means that the player will "feel" the effects of illnesses without actually having them, eventually returning to normal. Consuming cigarettes will cause some sickness regardless of whether the player has the smoker trait or not. The character's body core temperature will start to rise if they are sick.
"Take things easy"
The character is beginning to feel ill. Health starts to decline if it's a zombification.
"Strength and healing reduced"
The severity of the character's illness is increasing. Health starts to drop even further once infected by a zombie.
"Strength and healing severely reduced"
The character is feeling strong effects from the illness they have contracted. From this point on, healing is almost non-existent unless the character is well fed. Death can happen once at this state if infected by zombies.
"Increasing danger of death."
The character is severely suffering from the illness, and will eventually die without being well-fed and having enough sleep. Death WILL happen no matter what, and being well-fed will not save the character from zombification.

Moodle stressed.png Stress

The stress moodle will appear when the player is sick, surrounded by zombies, being extremely bloody with the hemophobic trait, waking up from a night terror, or not smoking cigarettes for a while with the smoker trait. Stress can be treated by smoking cigarettes, reading literature and creating distance from the zombies. This moodle is often accompanied by sickness, indicating the player's fear of infection or death. Stress reduces the damage and accuracy of weapons (shaking hands...). Being stressed for long periods will eventually increase unhappiness.
"On Edge"
"Nervous and Jumpy"
"Sweaty Palms. Gnawing Fears."
Nervous Wreck

Moodle thirsty.png Thirst

This moodle indicates that the player is lacking liquid and needs to have a drink. Going without a drink for too long will eventually reduce the player's carrying capacity and will lead to death after approximately one and a half days. Leaving a water container in the player's main inventory will cause the player to drink from it automatically.
Slightly Thirsty
"Dry Mouth"
-1 carrying capacity. The player is growing weaker from thirst.
"Feeling faint and dizzy"
-2 carrying capacity. The player is even weaker from dehydration.
Dying of Thirst
"Desperate for water"
-2 carrying capacity. The player is in pain and their health is withering away. Unless quenched, death will occur.

Moodle tired.png Tired

The character has stayed awake for an extended period of time. This moodle can be removed by sleeping. Vitamins can stave off this moodle (if taken long enough before) while sleeping tablets will speed up its effect. Tiredness makes your character less resistant to cold temperatures, slows down stamina regeneration and even stops it completely and drains it, and makes you much less aware of your surroundings. Currently, the character is incapable of passing out.
"Could do with a lie-down"
The character is slightly fatigued from being awake for too long.
"Awareness reduced"
The character has become fatigued from being awake for too long.
Very Tired
"Awareness severely reduced"
The character is very fatigued from being awake for far too long.
Ridiculously Tired
"In danger of passing out."
The character is extremely fatigued. Stamina regeneration is almost non-existent, unless the character is very fit, sleeping, or resting/sitting on the ground.

Moodle unhappy.png Unhappy

If the player is too bored, they will become unhappy. This moodle can be combated by reading certain items of literature, eating food that increases happiness, such as pop or chocolate, or by taking anti-depressants. This moodle will slightly increase the time taken to complete most actions. Once Non-player character survivors are re-implemented, talking to them can also help with unhappiness.
Feeling a little sad
"Find a way to raise your mood."
Getting a tad weepy
"Seek some excitement or human contact"
"Ravaged by mourning and depression"
Severely Depressed
"Find a way to forget reality"

Moodle zombie.png Zombie

The character has been infected by a zombie and subsequently changed into one. The now uncontrollable player will seek new prey.
"Sudden desire to eat people"

Removed/Future Moodles

Moodle angry.png Angry

The anger moodle pops up for both sides when NPC reject team requests made by a player or another NPC. Although the "irritated" moodle does not do anything, the "annoyed" moodle will disable friendly reactions. The "angry" moodle will then disable neutral reactions, and only the angry attitude will be left. If the player goes as far as the "furious" moodle, then the player is likely to engage in a duel to death with a NPC. Currently, this moodle is disabled due to there being no NPCs in the current game build although it is expected to return when they're re-enabled.
"A bit narked off"
"Seriously bad mood."
"Ball of rage."
"Spoiling for a fight."

Moodle hungover.png Hungover

This moodle indicates that the player has been staying too long outside after or during intoxication. The only solution is to stay indoors. This moodle does not affect the character and doesn't exist in the current version.

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