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Protect the player from zombies and weather
Skill (level)

A door is a tile used to provide access through a wall.


Doors can be used to enter and exit buildings, while stopping zombies from walking in. They can also be constructed by the player, through the carpentry skill. A door must be constructed in a door frame.


Doors can be locked, by using a key. This will stop easy access for other players. Many naturally spawning doors will be locked by default. Meaning the player will have to find a key, or break in. A key will work on a door knob, even if it has been used to build a new door.


It is also possible to break down a door with a melee weapon. The axe is the most efficient, but other weapons such as a hammer, or baseball bat can also be used. Breaking down a door will create a lot of noise. It is currently not possible to pry open doors with crowbar without the mods.

A broken-down door will often return some scrap wood. There is also a chance to drop doorknobs, and door hinges. These can be used to craft new doors.


Main article: Barricade

Like windows, doors can be barricaded using either metalworking or carpentry, with some experience being gained depending on the barricade. Barricading will provide additional protection to a door, the door will not suffer any damage ultil all barricades are destroyed. Barricading a door will also remove the ability to open it, requiring the barricade to be removed first.

How to barricade


The most common door variants are as follows;

Wooden door

The wooden door is most common type of door, typically found in houses. The front door to a house often has a small window, which can be used to look through the door. A wooden door can also be crafted by the player, see #Crafting.

Glass door

The glass door is similar to the wooden door, but it also lets light in. Glass doors are usually found at businesses and restaurants.

Metal door

Metal doors are similar to the other doors, but have additional health. They are most commonly found at industrial sites and commercial buildings.

Security door

Cannot be opened from the outside without a key to the building. Alternatively, you can break the door down or disassemble it. Security doors can be opened from the inside, which unlocks the door.


The crafted door is a door that can be constructed by the player from their carpentry skill. It is the only typical door that can be constructed by the player.

Product Ingredients Tools Requirements Workstation XP
WoodenDoor Carpentry.gif
Plank.png Plank ×4
Nails.png Nails ×4
Doorhinge.png Door Hinge ×2
DoorKnob.png Doorknob ×1

Hammer (tag)
Carpentry 3 none 0.75 Carpentry


Wooden doors have the same health calculation as log walls, and can take advantage of the handy trait.

Calculations are based on wooden door
Skill level HP without Handy HP with Handy
0 300 HP 400 HP
1 350 HP 450 HP
2 400 HP 500 HP
3 450 HP 550 HP
4 500 HP 600 HP
5 550 HP 650 HP
6 600 HP 700 HP
7 650 HP 750 HP
8 700 HP 800 HP
9 750 HP 850 HP
10 800 HP 900 HP


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