Barbed Fence

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Barbed Fence
Barbed fence.png

Weight: ?

Barbed wire fences can help wall off and defend an area, while still allowing you to see through them.

According to the description, Barbed Fence is supposed to have a chance to scratch, however, this is not implemented as of yet.

In addition to the barbed wire, you also will need a wooden stake to be placed in order to make the barbed fence. Currently, each barbed wire will provide one tile of fencing, with or without the wooden stake.


Output Ingredients Description Skill Level
Barbed fence.png
Barbed Fence
Hammer.png + Barbed wire.png
Hammer x1 Barbed Wire (1 unit)
Slows movement and can inflict surface wounds. Carpentry Level 5


From ISBuildMenu.lua (media/lua/client/BuildingObjects/ISUI)

local barbedOption = subMenu:addOption(getText("ContextMenu_Barbed_Fence"), worldobjects, ISBuildMenu.onBarbedFence, square, player);
local tooltip2 = ISBuildMenu.canBuild(0,0,0,0,1,5,barbedOption, player);
	-- we add that we need a Barbed wire too
	if not getSpecificPlayer(player):getInventory():contains("BarbedWire") and not ISBuildMenu.cheat then
		tooltip2.description = tooltip2.description .. " <RGB:1,0,0>" .. getItemText("Barbed wire") .. " 0/1 ";
		barbedOption.onSelect = nil;
		barbedOption.notAvailable = true;
		tooltip2.description = tooltip2.description .. " <RGB:1,1,1>" .. getItemText("Barbed wire") .. " 1 ";
	tooltip2.description = getText("Tooltip_craft_barbedFenceDesc") .. tooltip2.description;

ISBuildMenu.onBarbedFence = function(worldobjects, square, player)
-- sprite, northSprite, corner
	local fence = ISWoodenWall:new("fencing_01_20", "fencing_01_21", nil);
	-- we can place our fence every where
--	fence.canBeAlwaysPlaced = true;
	fence.hoppable = true;
    fence.canBarricade = false
    fence.modData["xp:Woodwork"] = 5;
	fence.modData["need:Base.BarbedWire"] = "1";
	fence.player = player = "Barbed Fence"
    getCell():setDrag(fence, player);


IWBUMS Build 35.7 Fixed wired fence wire check before building Increased the spawn rate

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