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Compost Bag
Category Furniture
Size 1 tile
Function Convert food into compost
Capacity 50
Contents Compost
Skill (Level) Carpentry (2)
Tool(s) Hammer.png Hammer
HammerStone.png Stone Hammer
Ingredients 5 × Plank.png Plank
4 × Nails.png Nails

A composter is a craftable container.


Making compost

The composter is used to convert rotten food into compost. Rotten food left in the composter will overtime become compost, which can be accessed by right-clicking, which will display the amount of compost as a percentage. If the compost level is 10% or more, an empty sack can be used to "Get Compost", taking 10% and turning the sack into a compost bag, which can then be used to fertilize crops, allowing them to grow quicker.

- 2% of the composter's capacity is equal to 1 unit, therefore, a composter can hold up to 50 units (10 compost bags).

- There is a 10% chance when rotten food is converted into compost, for a worm to appear in the composter.

- Poisonous food can be put in the composter without having any negative impact on the plants or indirectly on the player.

- Food has to reach the rotten state into the composter before it can start to be deleted from this container. (or rather transformed into compost)

A good strategy to fill the composter quickly if the player doesn't have a farm yet is to use the rotten/poisonous berries and mushrooms s/he would forage. The player can also loot restaurants, fridges or any other place containing rotten food. Once the player has a farm producing enough food, the excess can simply be put into the composter.


Since a composter is a container with a capacity of 50, any item can be placed into it, however only rotten food will be converted. Allowing it to be used as a makeshift storage container.


Crafting requires a carpentry skill of 2.


Main article: Carpentry
Product XP Gained Skill(s) Recipe Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3
1.25 CP CP = 2
Plank x5
Nails x4

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