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Lamp on Pillar Article Img2.png
Ingame image of Lamp on Pillar in Version 36.40.

A lamp on pillar is a light source that can be constructed at Carpentry level 5, that will continue to light a area as long as the torch has power. It can be used for marking areas in the dark or more for cosmetic usage ingame for bases.

Should the torch no longer function, the battery can be removed by right clicking on the pillar and remove the battery then place a new one in.


Output Ingredients Description Skill Level
Lamp on Pillar
Rope.png + Flashlight.png + Plank.png + Nails.png
Rope x1 Flashlight x1 Plank x2 Nails x4
(consumed) (consumed) (consumed) (consumed)
Lights up squares in the area it's pointed at. Can be turned on and off. The flashlight still requires batteries. Carpentry Level 5


From ISBuildMenu.lua (media/lua/client/BuildingObjects/ISUI)

ISBuildMenu.onPillarLamp = function(worldobjects, square, sprite, player)
-- sprite, northSprite
    local lamp = ISLightSource:new(sprite.sprite, sprite.northSprite, getSpecificPlayer(player));
    lamp.offsetX = 5;
    lamp.offsetY = 5;
    lamp.modData["need:Base.Plank"] = "2";
    lamp.modData["need:Base.Rope"] = "1";
    lamp.modData["need:Base.Nails"] = "4";
    lamp.modData["xp:Woodwork"] = 5;
--    lamp.modData["need:Base.Torch"] = "1";
    lamp.fuel = "Base.Battery";
    lamp.baseItem = "Base.Torch";
    lamp.radius = 10;
    lamp.player = player
    getCell():setDrag(lamp, player);

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