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Category Item
Heavy Load
Technical details
Base ID Base.Generator

A generator is an electrical device that allows the player to generate electricity even after the power cuts out.

How to Use

Generators are most often found at warehouses but can be found in tool sheds. Generators are to be placed close enough to the character's house so that it can be connected.

Generators can be picked up, regardless of any skill level, however they cannot be put into the player's inventory and must be carried. This means that the player cannot attack whilst carrying a generator and if a weapon is selected, the generator will be placed on the tile that the player is stood on. The player is also encumbered with the weight, meaning they will move slower, adding further risk.

Players should not place the generator inside the house. The generator will degrade a character’s health very quickly because of its exhaust. If the player happens to have done so, going outside will stop the player from taking damage, but the house will not be safe until the generator is turned off.

Generators can be connected to the power system of a house via the "Connect Generator" option in its context menu. A generator is fueled with gas via the "Add Fuel" context menu. The tank of a generator can take up to 1¼ gas cans worth of fuel and can only be filled while the generator is turned off.

Players need take the Electrician occupation or read the 'How To Use Generators' manual to operate a generator.

In a custom built shelter, there may be some difficulty in getting the generator working. Moving it to the roof may fix any issues.


The range is 20 tiles and 5 floors (the one it is placed at, two down and two up).

Generator Range

Gas Consumption

Gas consumption is calculated hourly, regardless of the exact consumption.

Base gas consumption: 11% / day

Gas consumption of lamps, switches, and other light sources (Build 40-): none

Gas consumption of lamps, switches, and other light sources (Build 41):

- Follows the formula y = x (x * 0.002L/h), where x is the number of lights and y is consumption in L/h.

Gas consumption of drying machines, ovens and microwaves (cooking devices in general):

- 1 device: 11% / day

- 2 devices: 11% / day

- 3 devices: 11% / day

- 4 devices: 11% / day

- 5 devices: 23% / day

- 6 devices: 23% / day

- 7 devices: 23% / day

- 8 devices: 34% / day

- 9 devices: 34% / day

- 10 devices: 34% / day

- 11 devices: 34% / day

- 12 devices: 46% / day

- etc...

Gas consumption of fridges, mini fridges, popsicle fridges (freezing devices in general) and washing machines:

- 1 device: 11% / day

- 2 devices: 11% / day

- 3 devices: 23% / day

- 4 devices: 34% / day

- 5 devices: 34% / day

- 6 devices: 46% / day

- 7 devices: 57% / day

- 8 devices: 57% / day

- 9 devices: 69% / day

- 10 devices: 80% / day

- 11 devices: 80% / day

- etc...

Gas Consumption Bug

On versions 41.24 and before, only devices placed directly under a roof (floor) consume electricity, whether pre-existing or self-constructed. The devices not placed under a roof still work.


Generators use variable amounts of fuel per hour (based on number and type of powered electronics using it as a source), and lose ~1.2% of condition per day as well. (41.53)

Electronics scrap can be used to repair a generator. At least one unit of Electronics Scrap has to be in the player's main inventory. Each Repair operation will restore 4% + (0.5 * Electrical skill level)% of condition. Repairs can only be performed on a powered off generator.

If condition drops lower than or equal to 20%, a chance for generator to catch fire or explode is introduced. Nearby cells may catch fire too. So keep your generators strictly above 20% condition. (41.53)

Generators can be heard from a base radius of 20 tiles. (41.53)

Materials to Repair

Item Repaired Repair Materials
1 × Electronics Scrap
(4% + (0.5 * Electrical skill level)% repaired)

Spawn Locations for Custom Maps

Generators will automatically spawn in rooms with the following room definitions.



From newitems.txt (Project Zomboid directory/media/scripts/)

Version 40.43
	item Generator
        	Weight				= 40,
        	Type				= Normal,
        	DisplayName			= Generator,
        	Icon				= Generator,
        	Tooltip 			= Tooltip_Generator,
		RequiresEquippedBothHands 	= true,
		MetalValue 			= 500,

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