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Category Item
Heavy Load
Function Fire starting
Light source
Capacity Unknown units
Contents Lighter fluid
Light distance 2 tiles
Light strength 0.4
Technical details
Base ID Base.Lighter

A lighter is a drainable item with various uses.


A lighter can be used to light candles, molotov cocktails, cigarettes, campfires, or antique ovens, burn corpses, or as a light source. In order to use a molotov, a lighter must be equipped in the secondary slot of the inventory. Corpses can be burnt if a lighter is in the primary slot and a gas can is in the secondary slot.

Light source

The light provided by a lighter is inferior to that of a flashlight, but will provide a ring of light around the player. If a flashlight isn't in the player's inventory, pressing the 'F' key (default) will equip a lighter and turn it on. Once equipped, pressing 'F' will turn it on or off.


Product XP Gained Skill(s) Recipe Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2
Lit Candle
Lit Candle
0 XP none Candle.png


Lighters can be found in many counters and on vehicle glove boxes and seats.


Building/Room Container Rolls Chance
All Wardrobe 4 2
Crate 1 4
Side Table 1 2
Bin 1 2
Office Drawers 1 3
Other 1 3
Garbage Bag 1 1
Bar Shelves 4 3
Counter 2 3
Bin 1 2
Convenience Store Shelves 4 2 (x3)
Corner Store Counter 2 2 (x2)
Counter 2 2 (x2)
Fossoil Counter 4 2 (x2)
Shelves 4 2 (x2)
Crate 4 2 (x2)
Grocery Storage Bin 1 2
Grocery Counter 4 2 (x2)
Crate 4 2 (x2)
Garage Storage All 2 3 (+2)
Gas Store Shelves 5 2
Counter 2 2
Gas storage Counter 5 2
General Store Other 5 1
General Store Storage Other 5 1
Kitchen Counter 2 2
Mechanic Metal Locker 3 3
Motel Room (Occupied) Bin 1 2
Post Office Counter 2 1
Storage Unit All 3 2
Zippee Store Counter 1 2 (x3)
Shelves 4 2 (x2)
Crate 4 2 (x2)


Profession Container Rolls Chance
All Glove Box 1 5
Seat 1 1



From items.txt (Project Zomboid directory/media/scripts/)

Version 41.65
	item Lighter
		DisplayCategory		= LightSource,
		LightDistance		= 2,
		Weight			= 0.1,
		Type			= Drainable,
		UseWhileEquipped	= TRUE,
		TorchCone		= FALSE,
		LightStrength		= 0.4,
		DisplayName		= Lighter,
		ActivatedItem		= TRUE,
		Icon			= Lighter,
		MetalValue 		= 1,
		cantBeConsolided 	= TRUE,
		StaticModel		= Zippo,
		WorldStaticModel	= ZippoGround,
		ticksPerEquipUse	= 110,
		Tags 			= StartFire,


RC 2.9 Added to the game
Build 23
All light sources are a bit stronger
Build 28 Burn zombie corpses ! It'll need some petrol and a lighter/matches.
Build 35 Bug Fix: lighter can't be consolidated

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