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JS-2000 Shotgun

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Project ZomboidItemsWeaponsFirearmsJS-2000 Shotgun
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This page has been revised for the current stable version (41.78.16).
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JS-2000 Shotgun
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Aiming time
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A JS-2000 shotgun, previously just shotgun, is a pump-action shotgun. The JS-2000 can be attached to the character's back for quick access and encumbrance reduction.


The JS-2000 uses shotgun shells as its ammunition, which fires 5 pellets in a spread pattern. These pellets have the potential to kill multiple targets in a single shot. Due to this spread, the JS-2000 shotgun will generally kill zombies in one or two hits, regardless of the player's skill. The closer the target is to the player, the more damage that will be inflicted. Shotgun shells aren't required to be in the secondary slot and can remain in the player's inventory. This makes the JS-2000 the ideal weapon for quickly killing a large group of zombies and blasting an opening to escape, as well as an excellent weapon for training the aiming skill, particularly at lower levels.

Pros Cons
  • Capable of hitting and killing several targets in one shot.
  • Very accurate, excels in close-range fights. Suitable for survivors with a low aiming skill level.
  • Doesn't require magazines to operate.
  • Gun and ammo aren't too hard to find.
  • Loudness can be used to your advantage if you want to lure a large amount of zombies out of an area.
  • One of the loudest firearms in the game, can be heard by zombies from up to 100 tiles away.
  • Heavy, takes up the back attachment slot, which can inconvenience survivors using a melee weapon that needs to be attached to their back.
  • Deals less damage when a target isn't up close.


JS-2000 shotguns can hold 6 shells, +1 after being racked. After each shot, the shotgun needs to be racked. This is done automatically, however if the player isn't given enough time to rack the shotgun, this will need to be done manually (default: X). Like other firearms, the shotgun can be reloaded with R. To avoid using the contextual menu in the inventory, the shotgun can be reloaded, racked or unloaded by holding R and selecting the desired action.

Drive-by shooting

All guns have the ability to shoot from vehicles. First press V, which opens the vehicle radial menu and open your window. Aim and fire. Drivers and passengers are all able to use this ability at the cost of reduced accuracy while the vehicle is moving. The driver cannot control the vehicle while aiming, it's recommended to cruise at a safe speed and make sure there are no obstacles that can cause a crash while you're driving and shooting.


Attachments can be attached to shotguns with the use of a screwdriver. When you have the screwdriver and desired attachment, right-click the JS-2000 in your inventory, select Upgrade and select the attachment you want to use. There are four different types of attachments that can be added to shotguns.

  • Choke Tube - Full Choke Tube - Full: Increases damage by 0.5. Decreases blast arc by 0.1.
  • Choke Tube - Improved Choke Tube - Improved: Decreases damage by 0.5. Increases blast arc by 0.05.
  • Ammo Straps Ammo Straps: Is intended to increase shotgun reload speed, but does nothing currently.
  • Sling Sling: Reduces the weight of the shotgun by 0.3.


The JS-2000 shotgun is a firearm, therefore being influenced by the firearm skills: aiming and reloading. It has a maximum condition of 10 and will be damaged depending on the player's aiming skill. The chance of losing durability is: 1 in (60 + aiming x 2).


Repair of the JS-2000 shotgun requires a minimum of level two in aiming, and either another JS-2000, or a sawed-off JS-2000. The aiming skill determines how much will be repaired and the chance of being successful.

It should be noted that repairing the JS-2000 shotgun makes following repairs less likely to succeed and can, if repaired numerous times, cause reduced durability instead of increased.


The loot distributions can be found in the table(s) below.

Shotgun distribution Show / Hide
Effective chance calculations are based off of default loot settings, and median zombie density. The higher the density of zombies in an area, the higher the effective chance of an item spawning. Chance is also influenced by the lucky and unlucky traits.
Building/Room Container Effective chance
Bag_ShotgunBag Duffel Bag 120.41%
Bag_SurvivorBag Large Backpack 12.41%
Bag_WeaponBag Duffel Bag 12.41%
GunCache1 Duffel Bag 23.28%
SafehouseLoot counter 19.27%
SafehouseLoot crate 19.27%
SafehouseLoot metal_shelves 19.27%
SafehouseLoot wardrobe 19.27%
ShotgunCache1 ShotgunBox 120.41%
ShotgunCache2 ShotgunBox 120.41%
ShotgunCache2 counter 23.28%
ShotgunCase1 Gun Case 120.41%
SurvivorCache1 counter 19.27%
SurvivorCache2 counter 19.27%
all militarycrate 23.28%
all militarylocker 23.28%
all wardrobe 1.65%
armystorage locker 23.28%
armystorage metal_shelves 23.28%
armysurplus displaycase 23.28%
bedroom wardrobe 1.65%
changeroom locker 1.68%
closet crate 1.65%
closet metal_shelves 1.65%
druglab metal_shelves 19.27%
drugshack crate 19.27%
garagestorage crate 1.65%
garagestorage locker 3.98%
gunstore displaycase 23.28%
gunstorestorage crate 23.28%
hunting displaycase 23.28%
hunting locker 23.28%
livingroom wardrobe 1.65%
pawnshop displaycase 23.28%
pawnshopoffice locker 23.28%
pawnshopstorage locker 23.28%
policestorage locker 19.27%
policestorage metal_shelves 19.27%
storageunit crate 1.65%
Type Container Effective chance
Police Trunk 23.28%
Outfit Days survived Chance
0 30


JS-2000 shotguns can usually be found in various containers and cabinets, including crates and wardrobes. Shotgun shells can be found in kitchen cabinets, warehouses, or wardrobes. The best locations to find a JS-2000 would be police departments, gun-shops such as the one located in West Point, and barricaded buildings.


Shotguns can also be found on the corpses of suicide victims. Suicide victims are usually found inside of houses.


JS-2000 shotguns can sometimes be found attached to the backs of police officer zombies. Police zombies can usually be found at police departments, police barricade vehicle stories, crashed police cars, and occasionally in a crowd of zombies.


The JS-2000 Shotgun can be sawed, increasing its accuracy & spread at the cost of range. See Sawed-off JS-2000 Shotgun for details.

Product Ingredients Tools Requirements Workstation XP
Sawed-off JS-2000 Shotgun
Shotgun2.png JS-2000 Shotgun ×1
Saw (tag)
none none none


  • The JS-2000 shotgun is most likely based on Remington Model 870 shotgun, which was developed in the 50s and is still used by law enforcement agencies, and the US military.



Code icon.png Code snippet! This section contains source code from Project ZomboidShow / Hide

Source: ProjectZomboid\media\scripts\items_weapons.txt

Retrieved: Build 41.78.16
item Shotgun
	    DisplayCategory = Weapon,
		ImpactSound	=	null,
		MaxRange	=	7,
		RangeFalloff	=	TRUE,
		WeaponSprite	=	Shotgun,
		SoundVolume	=	200,
		MinAngle	=	0.9,
		Type	=	Weapon,
		KnockBackOnNoDeath	=	TRUE,
		Ranged	=	TRUE,
		ProjectileCount	=	5,
		ConditionLowerChanceOneIn	=	60,
		Weight	=	4,
		SplatNumber	=	5,
		PushBackMod	=	0.8,
		MaxDamage	=	2.2,
		SubCategory	=	Firearm,
		AimingMod	=	2,
		ConditionMax	=	10,
		ShareDamage	=	FALSE,
		MaxHitCount	=	4,
		IsAimedHandWeapon	=	TRUE,
		IsAimedFirearm	=	TRUE,
		DoorDamage	=	20,
		UseEndurance	=	FALSE,
		DisplayName	=	JS-2000 Shotgun,
		MinRange	=	0.61,
		SwingTime	=	2,
		AngleFalloff	=	TRUE,
		MultipleHitConditionAffected	=	FALSE,
		BringToBearSound = JS2000ShotgunBringToBear,
		SwingSound	=	JS2000ShotgunShoot,
        HitSound = BulletHitBody,
		ClickSound = JS2000ShotgunJam,
		SoundRadius	=	100,
		MinDamage	=	1.5,
		KnockdownMod	=	8,
		SplatBloodOnNoDeath	=	TRUE,
		Icon	=	Shotgun2,
		RunAnim	=	Run_Weapon2,
		CriticalChance = 60,
        CritDmgMultiplier = 2,
		AimingPerkCritModifier = 4,
		HitChance = 70,
		AimingPerkHitChanceModifier = 5,
		RecoilDelay = 50,
		SoundGain = 2,
        ReloadTime = 25,
        AimingTime = 20,
        RequiresEquippedBothHands = TRUE,
        BreakSound  =   JS2000ShotgunBreak,
        ShellFallSound = JS2000ShotgunCartridgeFall,
        MetalValue = 45,
        TwoHandWeapon = TRUE,
        AmmoBox = ShotgunShellsBox,
        MaxAmmo = 6,
		EquipSound = JS2000ShotgunEquip,
		UnequipSound = JS2000ShotgunUnEquip,
		InsertAmmoStartSound = JS2000ShotgunInsertAmmoStart,
        InsertAmmoSound = JS2000ShotgunInsertAmmo,
		InsertAmmoStopSound = JS2000ShotgunInsertAmmoStop,
		EjectAmmoStartSound = JS2000ShotgunEjectAmmoStart,
        EjectAmmoSound = JS2000ShotgunEjectAmmo,
		EjectAmmoStopSound = JS2000ShotgunEjectAmmoStop,
        RackSound = JS2000ShotgunRack,
        AmmoType = Base.ShotgunShells,
        WeaponReloadType = shotgun,
        RackAfterShoot = TRUE,
        JamGunChance = 2,
        AttachmentType = Rifle,
        ModelWeaponPart = ChokeTubeFull ChokeTube choketube choketube,
        ModelWeaponPart = ChokeTubeImproved ChokeTube choketube choketube,
        StopPower = 20,


RC 2.9 Fixed bug with unlimited ammo.
41 Renamed to JS-2000 Shotgun

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