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M14 Rifle
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A M14 rifle is a semi-automatic rifle. It is a two-handed weapon and can be attached to the back of a character to reduce encumbrance.


The M14 Rifle is a semi-automatic rifle, utilizing M14 magazine with .308 rounds as ammo. It can only hit one target at a time and does not pierce through targets. Should the rifle jam on the player, pressing X will rack it and unjam it.

The M14 might not seem all that impressive statistically speaking, but compared to the bolt-action MSR700/788 rifles, it is much more effective against larger groups of enemies, with its 20 round clip and excellent hit chance, topped with decent damage and low jam chance. Unlike the bolt-action rifles, the M14 also does not need to be manually racked after firing, allowing for faster follow-up shots. The M14 excels in dispatching small packs of hordes at range. However, this is not a rifle for players with low level aiming, and to be used effectively it at least level 5+ aiming is recommended.

Drive-by shooting

All guns have the ability to shoot from vehicles. First press V, which opens the vehicle radial menu and open your window. Aim and fire. Drivers and passengers are all able to use this ability at the cost of reduced accuracy while the vehicle is moving. The driver cannot control the vehicle while aiming, it's recommended to cruise at a safe speed and make sure there are no obstacles that can cause a crash while you're driving and shooting.


The M14 rifle can be fitted with the following attachments with the use of a screwdriver:

  • Iron Sight ScopeIronSight.png: Increases maximum firing range by 3 tiles.
  • x2 Scope Scope2x.png: Increases minimum firing range by 6 tiles and maximum firing range by 7 tiles.
  • x4 Scope Scope4x.png: Increases minimum firing range by 8 tiles and maximum firing range by 13 tiles.
  • x8 Scope Scope8x.png: Increases minimum firing range by 10 tiles and maximum firing range by 20 tiles.
  • Laser HandgunLaser.png: Increases base hit chance by 5%.
  • Recoil Pad RifleRecoilPad.png: Reduces recoil.
  • Red Dot RedDot.png: Increases aiming speed.

To install these attachments, ensure that you have a screwdriver in your inventory, right-click the M14 you want to modify, click on 'Upgrade' and pick the attachment you want to install.


The M14 Rifle is a firearm and, as such, the durability of the weapon is dependent on the player's aiming skill. This weapon's chance of losing durability is: 1 in (60 + aiming x 2).


Requires level 5 Aiming and another M14 rifle to repair with. The higher the aiming skill is, the chances of a better and successful repair go up. Remember that with each consecutive repair, the amount of durability restored decreases.


The loot distributions can be found in the table(s) below.

Building/Room Container Rolls Chance
SafehouseLoot counter 4 6
all militarycrate 4 1
militarycrate 4 1
wardrobe 4 0.001
wardrobe 4 0.001
wardrobe 4 0.001
wardrobe 4 0.001
wardrobe 4 0.001
armysurplus displaycase 4 2
changeroom locker 4 0.002
closet metal_shelves 4 0.001
druglab metal_shelves 4 6
garagestorage locker 4 2
pawnshopoffice locker 4 8
policestorage locker 4 1


The M14 can be found in police stations, military bases, gun shops, and in rare cases, in rifle cases in homes.


The M14 can also be found in the trunk of police cruisers as well.


  • The M14 was issued to replace the M1 Garand in the late 50s, but was in turn replaced by the M16 in the late 60s. It has remained in limited service for training, sharpshooter roles, and ceremonial use, amongst other purposes.
  • There are models and textures in the game hinting at the possibility of attaching a bayonet + flashlight, and even improvised versions with a bayonet made from a kitchen knife and a simple flashlight taped under the barrel. However, none of this is in-game yet. A preview image can be seen in the gallery below.
  • Initially, the M14 rifle in game had a model based on the Ruger Mini-14 rifle, but the model has been altered later on. The old model can still be found in the game files.
  • In real life the M14 is chambered in the 7.62x51mm NATO round, rather than .308 Winchester, and while .308 can be fired through a firearm made for 7.62mm it is considered unsafe due to the fact .308 is loaded to higher pressures.
    • This was likely done to reuse ammo type in the unmodded game, as .308 rounds are already used by the MSR788 Rifle.



Code icon.png Code snippet! This section contains source code from Project ZomboidShow / Hide

Source: ProjectZomboid\media\scripts\items_weapons.txt

Retrieved: Build 41.78.16
item AssaultRifle2
        DisplayCategory = Weapon,
        ImpactSound	=	null,
        MaxRange	=	10,
        WeaponSprite	=	M14,
        SoundVolume	=	30,
        MinAngle	=	0.95,
        Type	=	Weapon,
        MinimumSwingTime	=	0.5,
        ToHitModifier	=	1.5,
        NPCSoundBoost	=	1.5,
        KnockBackOnNoDeath	=	TRUE,
        Ranged	=	TRUE,
        SwingAmountBeforeImpact	=	0,
        ProjectileCount	=	1,
        ConditionLowerChanceOneIn	=	60,
        Weight	=	4,
        SplatNumber	=	3,
        PushBackMod	=	0.3,
        SubCategory	=	Firearm,
        ConditionMax	=	10,
        ShareDamage	=	FALSE,
        MaxHitCount	=	1,
        IsAimedFirearm	=	TRUE,
        DoorDamage	=	20,
        UseEndurance	=	FALSE,
        SwingAnim	=	Rifle,
        DisplayName	=	M14 Single Shot Assault Rifle,
        MinRange	=	0.61,
        SwingTime	=	0.5,
        MultipleHitConditionAffected	=	FALSE,
		BringToBearSound = M14BringToBear,
        SwingSound = M14Shoot,
        HitSound = BulletHitBody,
		ClickSound = M14Jam,
        SoundRadius	=	70,
        MinDamage	=	1.2,
        MaxDamage	=	2,
        SplatSize	=	3,
        KnockdownMod	=	2,
        SplatBloodOnNoDeath	=	TRUE,
        Icon	=	AssaultRifle2,
        RunAnim	=	Run_Weapon2,
        IdleAnim	=	Idle_Weapon2,
        CriticalChance = 30,
        CritDmgMultiplier = 10,
        AimingPerkCritModifier = 15,
        HitChance = 50,
        AimingPerkHitChanceModifier = 5,
        AimingPerkMinAngleModifier = 0.01,
        AimingPerkRangeModifier = 3,
        RecoilDelay = 0,
        SoundGain = 2,
        ClipSize = 20,
        ReloadTime = 25,
        AimingTime = 25,
		EquipSound = M14Equip,
		UnequipSound = M14UnEquip,
        InsertAmmoSound = M14InsertAmmo,
        EjectAmmoSound = M14EjectAmmo,
		InsertAmmoStartSound = M14InsertAmmoStart,
		InsertAmmoStopSound = M14InsertAmmoStop,
		EjectAmmoStartSound = M14EjectAmmoStart,
		EjectAmmoStopSound = M14EjectAmmoStop,
        ShellFallSound = M14CartridgeFall,
        RackSound = M14Rack,
        RequiresEquippedBothHands = TRUE,
        BreakSound = M14Break,
        TwoHandWeapon = TRUE,
        MetalValue = 45,
        MagazineType = Base.M14Clip,
        AmmoType = Base.308Bullets,
        WeaponReloadType = boltaction,
        JamGunChance = 1,
        AttachmentType = Rifle,
        FireMode = Single,
        AmmoBox = 308Box,
        MaxAmmo = 20,
        ModelWeaponPart = x2Scope x2Scope scope scope,
        ModelWeaponPart = x4Scope x4Scope scope scope,
        ModelWeaponPart = x8Scope x8Scope scope scope,
        ModelWeaponPart = IronSight IronSight scope2 scope2,
        ModelWeaponPart = RedDot RedDot reddot reddot,
        ModelWeaponPart = RecoilPad RecoilPad recoilpad recoilpad,
        ModelWeaponPart = Laser Laser laser laser,
        StopPower = 2,

Source: ProjectZomboid\media\scripts\fixing.txt

Retrieved: Build 41.78.16
fixing Fix AssaultRifle2
       Require : AssaultRifle2,

       Fixer : AssaultRifle2; Aiming=5,

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