Police Deputy Jacket

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This article/section is about an item or mechanic that is currently in testing and not part of the stable version of the game.
This feature can be accessed via the testing branch for Build 41.
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Police Deputy Jacket
Police Deputy Jacket
Category Clothing
Heavy Load
Body location Jacket
Fabric Cotton
Run speed 0.93
Combat speed 0.98
Scratch defense 30
Bite defense 20
Neck protection 0.5
Insulation 0.6
Wind resistance 0.45
Water resistance 0.25
Technical details
Base ID item Jacket_Police

The Police Deputy Jacket is a jacket worn by police officers.


Police deputy jackets provide a minor amount of protection for the wearer's neck, torso and arms from scratches and bites at the cost of a minor combat-speed and run-speed reduction.

Police deputy jackets provide a fairly high amount of insulation, a moderate amount of wind resistance and a minor amount of water resistance.

Police deputy jackets can be converted into a Sheet Rope which can be used for climbing up or safely descending floors or torn for Ripped Sheets which can be used as makeshift bandages, components in various recipes and material for tailoring.


Police deputy jackets can be occasionally found on police zombies. Police zombies can rarely be found in the vicinity of areas that contain a zombie population. Police zombies can usually be found at police precincts, near police vehicles, police barricade vehicle stories and the police intervention variant of the prison escape survivor story.

Body Location

Body location
Protection Jacket.png Neck
Upper Torso
Lower Torso
Upper Arms


  • Police deputy jackets cannot be selected in the character creation menu, even if the character has the police officer occupation.

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