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Icon Name Encumbrance Base ID
BackgammonBoard.png Backgammon Board 0.3 Base.BackgammonBoard
Bell.png Bell 0.1 Base.Bell
Belt.png BeltObsolete! 0.3 Base.Belt
ChessBlack.png Black Chess Pieces 0.1 Base.ChessBlack
GamePieces Black.png Black Game Pieces 0.1 Base.GamePieceBlack
Plate.png Plate 0.2 Base.PlateBlue
Bricktoys.png Brick Toys 0.1 Base.Bricktoys
Button.png Button 0.1 Base.Button
Camera.png Camera 0.2 Base.Camera
CameraFilm.png Camera Film 0.1 Base.CameraFilm
CatToy.png Cat Toy 0.1 Base.CatToy
CheckerBoard.png Checkerboard 0.3 Base.CheckerBoard
Chopsticks.png Chopsticks 0.1 Base.Chopsticks
Cologne.png Cologne 0.2 Base.Cologne
Comb.png Comb 0.2 Base.Comb
Cork.png CorkFuture! 0.1 Base.Cork
Corkscrew.png Corkscrew 0.1 Base.Corkscrew
Crayons.png Crayons 0.4 Base.Crayons
CreditCard.png Credit Card 0.1 Base.CreditCard
Cube.png Cube 0.2 Base.Cube
Dice.png Dice 0.2 Base.Dice
CameraDisposable.png Disposable Camera 0.2 Base.CameraDisposable
DogChew.png Dog Chew Toy 0.1 Base.DogChew
Doll.png Doll 0.1 Base.Doll
BeerCan.png Empty Beer Can 0.1 Base.BeerCanEmpty
PopEmpty.png Empty Pop Can 0.1 Base.PopEmpty
Plate.png Plate 0.2 Base.PlateFancy
FountainCup.png Fountain Cup 0.1 Base.FountainCup
Frame.png Frame 0.1 Base.Frame
CameraExpensive.png High-end Camera 0.3 Base.CameraExpensive
KnittingNeedles.png Knitting Needles 0.2 Base.KnittingNeedles
Leash.png Leash 0.2 Base.Leash
Locket.png Locket 0.5 Base.Locket
Money.png Money 0.01 Base.Money
Plate.png Plate 0.2 Base.PlateOrange
PaperNapkins.png Paper Napkins 0.1 Base.PaperNapkins
Perfume1.png Perfume 0.1 Base.Perfume
Frame.png Picture of BobFuture! 0.2 Base.BobPic
Frame.png Picture of Casey-JoFuture! 0.2 Base.CaseyPic
Frame.png Picture of Chris BaileyFuture! 0.2 Base.ChrisPic
Frame.png Picture of Dr CortmanFuture! 0.2 Base.CortmanPic
Frame.png Picture of HankFuture! 0.2 Base.HankPic
Frame.png Picture of James GarciaFuture! 0.2 Base.JamesPic
Frame.png Picture of Kate 0.2 Base.KatePic
Frame.png Picture of Marianne BrownFuture! 0.2 Base.MariannePic
Pinecone.png Pine Cone 0.1 Base.Pinecone
CuttingBoard Plastic.png Plastic Cutting Board 0.3 Base.CuttingBoardPlastic
PlasticTray.png Plastic Tray 0.1 Base.PlasticTray
Plate.png Plate 0.1 Base.Plate
CardDeck.png Playing Cards 0.2 Base.CardDeck
PokerChips.png Poker Chips 0.2 Base.PokerChips
Razor.png Razor 0.2 Base.Razor
GamePieces Red.png Game Pieces 0.1 Base.GamePieceRed
RubberBand.png Rubber Band 0.1 Base.RubberBand
Rubberducky.png Rubber Duck 0.1 Base.Rubberducky
Stapler.png Stapler 0.3 Base.Stapler
Straw.png Straw 0.1 Base.Straw
ToiletPaper.png Toilet Paper 0.2 Base.ToiletPaper
Toothbrush.png Toothbrush 0.1 Base.Toothbrush
Toothpaste.png Toothpaste 0.1 Base.Toothpaste
ToyBear.png Toy Bear 0.2 Base.ToyBear
ToyCar.png Toy Car 0.1 Base.ToyCar
Wallet.png Wallet 0.2 Base.Wallet
Wallet 02.png Wallet 0.2 Base.Wallet2
Wallet 03.png Wallet 0.2 Base.Wallet3
Wallet 04.png Wallet 0.2 Base.Wallet4
WaterDish.png Water Dish 0.1 Base.WaterDish
ChessWhite.png White Chess Pieces 0.1 Base.ChessWhite
GamePieces White.png White Game Pieces 0.1 Base.GamePieceWhite
CuttingBoard Wood.png Wooden Cutting Board 0.4 Base.CuttingBoardWooden
Yoyo.png Yoyo 0.2 Base.Yoyo


PlushSpiffo.pngThis article is about various balls that currently serve no purpse, other than Base.Football2 found in foraging which can be thrown to lure zombies. For weapons classified as Sports, see Weapons.
Icon Name Encumbrance Base ID
Baseball.png Baseball 0.1 Base.Baseball
Basketball.png Basketball 0.2 Base.Basketball
Dart.png Dart 0.1 Base.Dart
Football.png Football 0.2 Base.Football
Football.png Football 0.43 Base.Football2
GolfBall.png Golf Ball 0.1 Base.GolfBall
Poolball.png Pool Ball 0.2 Base.Poolball
Soccer Ball} Soccer Ball 0.2 Base.SoccerBall
TennisBall.png Tennis Ball 0.1 Base.TennisBall

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