USA Crash Helmet

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This article/section is about an item or mechanic that is currently in testing and not part of the stable version of the game.
This feature can be accessed via the testing branch for Build 41.
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USA Crash Helmet
USA Crash Helmet
USA Crash Helmet Icon
Category Clothing
Heavy Load
Body location Hat
Combat speed 0.95
Scratch defense 100
Bite defense 100
Insulation 0.8
Wind resistance 0.8
Technical details
Base ID item Hat_CrashHelmet_Stars

The USA Crash Helmet is a variant of the Crash Helmet that's used by motorcyclists.


The USA crash helmet completely protects the wearer's head from scratches and bites at the cost of a minor penalty to combat-speed. Crash helmets provide a great amount of insulation and wind resistance. The helmet has a very low chance of falling off when the wearer is attacked.

Body location

Body location
Protection Hat.png Head