Aerosol Bomb

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Aerosol Bomb
Aerosol Bomb
Aerosol Bomb with Upgrade
Category Weapon
Heavy Load
Equipped One-handed
Type Explosion
Swing time 1.5
Range 0–10 tiles
Damage 0–0
Explosion power 70
Explosion range 6 tiles
Explosion timer 50
Technical details
Ingredients 1 × Hairspray
1 × Box of Sparklers
1 × Aluminum
Base ID See Item IDs
“Equip trap and perform basic attack to throw.”
— In-game tooltip
An aerosol bomb is a thrown bomb that can only be crafted by players with the Engineer profession.


When thrown, the aerosol bomb sets off a small explosion and several small fires near where the bomb was thrown. This weapon is extremely effective for small hoards of 10 - 20 zombies, and can be a life saver in dire circumstances. The only downside to this weapon is the fact that there are few fires so taking out zombies with the fire is an unlikely prospect. The Flame trap is a better option if you are looking to take out much larger hoards using fire.



The aerosol bomb requires several common items found in houses.

Product Recipe Description Skill Level
Aerosol Bomb x1
Hairspray.png + Sparklers.png + Aluminum.png
Hairspray x1 Box of Sparklers x1 Aluminum x1
(consumed) (consumed) (consumed)
Make Aerosol Bomb Engineer.png


An aerosol bomb can also be upgraded with a motion sensor, timer, or remote control.

Product Recipe Description Skill Level
Aerosol Bomb with Timer x1
Aerosolbomb.png + TimerCrafted.png + ElectronicsScrap.png + DuctTape.png
Aerosol Bomb x1 Crafted Timer x1 Electronics Scrap x2 Duct Tape (1 unit)
(consumed) (consumed) (consumed) (consumed)
Make Aerosol Bomb with Timer MagazineElectronics03.png
Electronics Magazine Vol.2

Aerosol Bomb with Sensor x1
Aerosolbomb.png + MotionSensor.png + ElectronicsScrap.png + DuctTape.png
Aerosol Bomb x1 Motion Sensor x1 Electronics Scrap x2 Duct Tape (1 unit)
(consumed) (consumed) (consumed) (consumed)
Make Aerosol Bomb with Sensor Electricity 2
Electronics Magazine Vol.3

Remote Aerosol Bomb x1
Aerosolbomb.png + TriggerCrafted.png + ElectronicsScrap.png + DuctTape.png
Aerosol Bomb x1 Crafted Trigger x1 Electronics Scrap x2 Duct Tape (1 unit)
(consumed) (consumed) (consumed) (consumed)
Make Remote Aerosol Bomb Electricity 2
Electronics Magazine Vol.4


Aerosol bombs are one of the rarest items in the game to find. Other than obtaining through crafting, they can only be found in the trunk of a survivalist vehicle.

Item IDs

Name Icon Base ID
Aerosol Bomb Aerosolbomb.png Base.Aerosolbomb
Aerosol Bomb with Timer AerosolbombTimer.png Base.AerosolbombTriggered
Aerosol Bomb with Sensor (V1) AerosolbombTimer.png Base.AerosolbombSensorV1
Aerosol Bomb with Sensor (V2) AerosolbombTimer.png Base.AerosolbombSensorV2
Aerosol Bomb with Sensor (V3) AerosolbombTimer.png Base.AerosolbombSensorV3
Remote Aerosol Bomb AerosolbombTimer.png Base.AerosolbombRemote


From newitems.txt (Project Zomboid directory/media/scripts/)

Version 40.6
	item Aerosolbomb
		MaxRange		= 10,
		KnockdownMod		= 0,
		Type			= Weapon,
		MinimumSwingTime	= 1.5,
		SwingAnim		= Bat,
		UseSelf			= TRUE,
		DisplayName		= Aerosol Bomb,
		SwingTime		= 1.5,
		SwingAmountBeforeImpact	= 0.1,
		PhysicsObject		= Aerosolbomb,
		MinDamage		= 0,
		Weight			= 1.5,
		MaxDamage		= 0,
		MaxHitCount		= 0,
		Icon			= Aerosolbomb,
		ExplosionPower		= 70,
		ExplosionRange		= 6,
		triggerExplosionTimer   = 50,
		ExplosionSound  	= SmallExplosion,
		PlacedSprite 		= constructedobjects_01_32,
		Tooltip 		= Tooltip_Trap,

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