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Category Container
Heavy Load
Body location One-handed
Capacity 12
Weight reduction 55%
Technical details
Base ID Base.Purse

A purse is a container item.


A purse cannot be equipped on the player's back. It has capacity and weight reduction similar to the schoolbag and the highest weight reduction of all the non-wearable bags. To access its contents, it must be equipped in one of the player's hands.

Purses can spawn with:

Lipstick.png Lipstick Perfume1.png Perfume
MakeupEyeshadow.png Eyes Makeup MakeupFoundation.png Foundation Makeup
WeddingRing Woman.png Wedding Ring Earbuds.png Earbuds
Ring.png Ring Earrings.png Earrings
Necklacepearl.png Pearl Necklace
Locket.png Locket
Comb.png Comb
Magazine.png Magazine
CreditCard.png Credit Card


It can usually be found inside stores, particularly those that may typically be popular for females, such as clothing stores.


Building/Room Container Rolls Chance
All Clothing Rack 3 7
Female Corpse 1 0.1
Clothes Store Shelf 3 7
Clothing Rack 3 7
Laundry Counter 3 3
Shoe Store Shelf 3 3
Gift Store Shelf 3 4
Display Case 3 4
Department Store Shelves 3 7


Profession Container Rolls Chance
All Trunk 2 3
Clothing Trunk 3 7
Taxi Trunk 1 3


From newitems.txt (Project Zomboid directory/media/scripts/)

Version 40.6
	item Purse
		WeightReduction	= 55,
		Weight	        = 0.5,
		Type	        = Container,
		Capacity	= 12,
		DisplayName	= Purse,
		Icon	        = Purse,

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