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PlushSpiffo.pngThis article is about the wild herbs foraging category. For wild plants, see Wild plants. For medicinal plants, see Medicinal plants.

Wild herbs is a category of items that can be found whilst foraging. These items are primarily used in cooking as a spice.

Player attributes

The player's occupation and traits can help improve the chance of finding wild herbs.


Name Points Factor
Park Ranger Park Ranger -4 5%
Veteran Veteran -8 10%
Farmer Farmer -4 15%
Lumberjack Lumberjack 0 5%
Chef Chef -4 20%
Unemployed 8 5%
Fitness Instructor Fitness Instructor -6 5%

Any occupations not listed here have no effect on finding wild herbs.


Name Points Factor
Outdoorsman Outdoorsman -2 5%
Cook Cook -6 5%
Nutritionist Nutritionist -4 5%
Herbalist Herbalist -6 5%

Any traits not listed here have no effect on finding wild herbs.


Wild herbs

Icon Name Encumbrance Hunger Item ID
HerbBasil.png Basil 0.1 -1 Base.Basil
HerbChives.png Chives 0.1 -1 Base.Chives
HerbCilantro.png Cilantro 0.1 -1 Base.Cilantro
HerbOregano.png Oregano 0.1 -1 Base.Oregano
HerbParsley.png Parsley 0.1 -1 Base.Parsley
HerbRosemary.png Rosemary 0.1 -1 Base.Rosemary
HerbSage.png Sage 0.1 -1 Base.Sage
HerbThyme.png Thyme 0.1 -1 Base.Thyme


This category can be selected as a search focus at foraging level 4, however these items may still be found at lower levels.

Location distribution
Location Weight
Forest 7.5
Deep Forest 10
Grasslands 7.5
Farmland 5
Farm 5
Trailer Park 1.5
Town 1.5
Road/Car Park 0
Month distribution
Month Availability
January Unavailable
February Unavailable
March Scarce
April Scarce
May Available
June Available
July Available
August Plentiful
September Plentiful
October Plentiful
November Available
December Unavailable
Weather distribution
Weather Bonus
Raining 50%
Has Rained 25%
Snowing -50%
Day 0%
Night 50%

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