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The Automated Emergency Broadcast System (AEBS) is a radio station on a randomized frequency that will tell the player about the weather for the current day and the next day, as well as other useful information. The day is considered to start at 9 AM.


Every hour, on the hour, the radio station will announce:

  • Forecasts of the minimum and maximum temperature, humidity, and wind strength for the current day and following day.
  • Forecasts of fog, rain, and snow for the current day and following day.
  • Extreme weather events 2-5 days out, such as thunderstorms, tropical storms, and blizzards.
  • An announcement if the helicopter metagame event will occur during the current day: Air Activity detected.
    • This means the player can stay inside for the entire day to not be spotted and avoid the helicopter.
    • This announcement comes at the end of the report, wait for a few seconds after the final weather update until turning off the radio.
  • Information about the power grid:
    • Two days before power shutoff: Knox Power Grid: Power fluctuations detected..
    • One day before power shutoff: Knox Power Grid: Systems failing. Network compromised..
    • Day of power shutoff (and following days): Knox Power Grid: Blackout..
  • Occasional pieces of military chatter and codes as part of the in-game lore. These lines have no impact on gameplay.

Unlike other radio stations, the AEBS station never shuts off. Like other radio stations, during weather events reception may be poor, causing transmission to be garbled. This can make it difficult to determine when a weather event will conclude. Currently, although the power shutoff is announced on the AEBS, the water shutoff is not.


The AEBS is (arguably) essential to gameplay, especially prior to the helicopter metagame event and the power shutoff. The knowledge of weather events prior to their occurrence can also be useful later on for farming or looting. While the frequency of the AEBS station is randomized per playthrough, it is consistent throughout the run. If you find a radio with the AEBS station, this will not save it for future usage, you must save it as a custom preset or make a note of it if you want to manually use it on other radio devices. If the player has a walkie talkie and some earbuds they can then listen to the AEBS, stealthily, anywhere. Alternatively, radios in vehicles can be tuned to the AEBS for more mobile listening. The AEBS will always be accessible on any civilian radio device.

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