Plastic Bag

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Plastic Bag
Plastic Bag
Category Container
Heavy Load
Body location One-handed
Capacity 8
Weight reduction 30%
Technical details
Base ID Base.Plasticbag

A plastic bag is a common container item.


A plastic bag has a poor capacity and average weight reduction. It can be found in most kitchens and vehicles, making it a good substitute until something better is found. It must be equipped in either the primary or secondary hand to be accessed and can usually be dropped if a backpack is found.

Plastic bags can spawn with:

Plasticbag.png Plastic Bag



Building/Room Container Rolls Chance
All Male Corpse 1 0.1
Female Corpse 1 0.1
Plastic Bag 3 5 (x4)
Tote Bag 10 50 (x7 +55)
Kitchen Counter 2 9
Spiffo's Kitchen Counter 6 3 (x2)
Pile-o-crepe Kitchen Counter 6 3 (x3)
Motel Room (occupied) Other 2 0.5


Profession Container Rolls Chance
All Glove Box 1 3
All Trunk 2 3
All Seat 1 1


From newitems.txt (Project Zomboid directory/media/scripts/)

Version 40.6
	item Plasticbag
		WeightReduction	= 30,
		Weight	        = 0.1,
		Type	        = Container,
		Capacity	= 8,
		DisplayName	= Plastic Bag,
		Icon	        = Plasticbag,

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