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Appereance items currently include hair dyes and hair gel, makeups, mirror as well as hairspray, currently used only for crafting aerosol bombs.


Hair dyes

Icon Name Encumbrance Base ID
Blonde Hair Dye Blonde Hair Dye 1 Base.HairDyeBlonde
Black Hair Dye Black Hair Dye 1 Base.HairDyeBlack
White Hair Dye White Hair Dye 1 Base.HairDyeWhite
Pink Hair Dye Pink Hair Dye 1 Base.HairDyePink
Yellow Hair Dye Yellow Hair Dye 1 Base.HairDyeYellow
Red Hair Dye Red Hair Dye 1 Base.HairDyeRed
Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye 1 Base.HairDyeGinger
Light Brown Hair Dye Light Brown Hair Dye 1 Base.HairDyeLightBrown
Green Hair Dye Green Hair Dye 1 Base.HairDyeGreen
Blue Hair Dye Blue Hair Dye 1 Base.HairDyeBlue


Icon Name Encumbrance Function Base ID
MakeupEyeshadow.png Eyes Makeup 0.1 Apply eyeshadow makeup Base.MakeupEyeshadow
MakeupFoundation.png Foundation Makeup 0.1 Apply makeup Base.MakeupFoundation
HairGel.png Hair Gel 0.1 Apply some hairstyles Base.Hairgel
Hairspray.png Hairspray 0.2 Craft Aerosol Bomb Base.Hairspray
Lipstick.png Lipstick 0.2 Apply lips makeup Base.Lipstick
Mirror.png Mirror 0.1 Apply makeup when not in front of mirror Base.Mirror

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