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Baseball Bat
Category Weapon
Heavy Load
Function Destroy walls
Equipped Two-handed
Condition max. 10
Type Blunt
Swing time 3
Range 0.7–1.9 tiles
Damage 0.8–1.2
Knockback 1
Knockdown 3
Technical details
Base ID Base.Sledgehammer

A sledgehammer is a two-handed blunt melee weapon.



The sledgehammer has the highest average and maximum damage of all weapons, the downside being the longest swing time among all melee weapons. The sledgehammer is one of the few weapons that can hit 3 zombies at once(for comparison, a baseball bat can only hit 2 zombies at once), but it must be used carefully due to the character unable to swing the sledgehammer when exhausted.

Breaking Doors

The sledgehammer is very effective at breaking doors, dealing 40 damage to them, compared to the Axe's 35 damage.

Chopping Trees

The sledgehammer is better at chopping down trees that most melee weapons, dealing 10 damage, but still not as effective as the Axe which deals 35 damage.

Destruction of Blocks

Destroying blocks, such as walls, doors and other miscellaneous objects, is a function exclusive to the sledgehammer. To destroy blocks, click "Destroy" on the right-click menu while having the Sledgehammer equipped. A red box will appear, highlighting the block you are about to destroy.


The sledgehammer is a blunt weapon, therefore being influenced by the blunt skills: accuracy, guard and maintenance. The sledgehammer's durability is exceptionally good and it takes a long time to break a sledgehammer with the chance of losing durability being 1 in 40, or just 2.5% per hit.


Repair Sledgehammer
Wood Glue
Woodglue.png Potentially repairs: 55%
Chance of success: 100%
Wood Glue (2 units)
Carpentry Level 2
Duct Tape
DuctTape.png Potentially repairs: 20%
Chance of success: 95%
Duct Tape (2 units)
Glue.png Potentially repairs: 10%
Chance of success: 95%
Glue (3 units)
Adhesive Tape
Scotchtape.png Potentially repairs: 10%
Chance of success: 95%
Adhesive Tape (4 units)

It should be noted that repairing the sledgehammer makes following repairs less likely to succeed and can, if repaired numerous times, cause reduced durability instead of increased.


Sledgehammers are usually found in crates and metal shelves.


Due to the item being a blunt weapon, it can be used to smash a watermelon.

Name Recipe Description Skill Level
Watermelon Chunks.png
Watermelon Chunks x5
Watermelon.png + BaseballBat.png
Watermelon x1 Blunt Weapon
Log x1
Watermelon Chunks. Cooking Level 0

todo: add sledgehammer metalwork/smithing craft or remove this notice


	item Sledgehammer
		MaxRange			= 1.9,
		WeaponSprite			= Sledgehammer,
		MinAngle			= 0.2,
		Type				= Weapon,
		MinimumSwingTime		= 4,
		EnduranceMod			= 6,
		KnockBackOnNoDeath		= TRUE,
		SwingAmountBeforeImpact		= 0.04,
		Categories			= Blunt,
		ConditionLowerChanceOneIn	= 40,
		Weight				= 6,
		SplatN.umber			= 1,
		PushBackMod			= 1,
		MaxDamage			= 3,
		SubCategory			= Swinging,
		ConditionMax			= 10,
		MaxHitCount			= 3,
		DoorDamage			= 40,
		IdleAnim			= Idle_Weapon2,
		CantAttackWithLowestEndurance	= TRUE,
		SwingAnim			= Sledgehammer,
		WeaponWeight			= 6,
		DisplayName			= Sledgehammer,
		MinRange			= 0.7,
		SwingTime			= 4,
		DoorHitSound			= sledgehammer,
		MinDamage			= 2,
		KnockdownMod			= 3,
		SplatBloodOnNoDeath		= FALSE,
		Icon				= Sledgehamer,
		RunAnim				= Run_Weapon2,
        	TwoHandWeapon 			= TRUE,
        	BreakSound  			= PZ_WoodSnap,
        	TreeDamage  			= 10,
        	MetalValue 			= 120,


Build 26 The sledgehammer will lose condition when used to destroy things.
RC 2.9.8a Melee weapons debuffed.
0.2.0a Sledgehammer added


(Left) Showing the Destroy function on the sledgehammer. (Right) Showing the destruction of a wall.

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