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Weapons deteriorate and eventually become unusable with repeated use.

The likelihood of dropping a level of durability depends on the particular weapon (for example a spiked baseball bat is more likely to become damaged with each hit than a regular baseball bat). When the final level of durability in a weapon is reached, the weapon will be unequipped. The weapon will show a red cross next to its icon to denote that it is broken and can no longer be used.

Some weapons which have lost some or all of their durability, can be repaired.


The odds of a weapon losing durability depends on three factors: the weapon's ConditionLowerChanceOneIn value, the player's maintenance skill, and the player's proficiency with the weapon. The calculation is as follows:

lossChance = 1 / ConditionLowerChanceOneIn + floor(floor(MaintenanceLevel + (WeaponLevel/2))/2)*2


For example, a Baseball Bat, with a ConditionLowerChanceOneIn value of 20 would have the following odds:

Maintenance skill Weapon-type skill Durability lower chance
0 0 1 in 20
0 4 1 in 22
0 8 1 in 24
4 0 1 in 24
8 0 1 in 28
4 4 1 in 26
4 8 1 in 28
8 8 1 in 32
10 10 1 in 34

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