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Fairweather-Mahoney 2/11/93 is a unique VHS providing some lore.


The player can reduce boredom by -5 for each line of dialog when in the vicinity of a television playing the VHS.

The VHS can be used with an appropriate television to play the dialog of a recording of an interviewer, doing what appears to be an interview with the current Governor of Kentucky: Cal Fairweather.




Let's start off with your environmental record, Governor Fairweather.
Just last year, you promised a new environmental task force to reverse...
...Kentucky's declining water and air quality.


And I kept my promise. The task force is still preparing its report...


And what steps have been taken in the interim?


I do not claim to be an environmental expert.
That's why I am waiting for the actual experts to make their recommendations.


And yet experts are already saying the Ohio river is more polluted than at any...


Methods of toxin detection are getting more accurate. That doesn't mean...


By any metric, Kentucky's environmental situation is declining.


I don't agree, and I think those statements are unworthy of...
...a so-called "unbiased moderator".
I love Kentucky and its nature. Without nature, there's nothing left.
But it must be balanced with our profitable coal mining and other industries.
Mr. Mahoney's plan would devastate our state's - and maybe...
...even our country's - economy. What good would nature be to us then?


The loot distributions can be found in the table(s) below.

VHS_Home distribution Show / Hide
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Building/Room Container Effective chance
livingroom shelves 10.78%

This VHS will only spawn once and only in living room shelves, making it incredibly rare.


  • At the beginning of the quarantine in rural Kentucky where the Knox Infection started, he says he's in the "dark" like everyone else.
  • This tape was recorded 5 months before the events of Project Zomboid begins.
  • There is a rare Dash Build vehicle with an advertising trailer attached to it, promoting Fairweather.
  • Cal Fairweather was the last Governor of Kentucky, before the entire world was wiped out by the Knox Infection. Most likely, he died when the airborne variant started to affect everyone in neighboring states and the citizens of Louisville.



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