Wooden Spear

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Wooden Spear

Primary use: Fishing
Other uses: Kill Zombies
Weight: 0.4

A wooden spear is a tool that is crafted by a player and cannot be naturally found. It is used as a basic fishing tool. It has immensely feeble durability in combat and does only a low amount of damage. Once the spear breaks it is unrepairable.

Using it in combat is not advisable, though it does have decent range.


A wooden spear is created by sharpening a tree branch or a plank with a kitchen knife, hunting knife, or chipped stone.

Name Recipe Description Crafting Level
Wooden Spear x1
Branch.png + Knives2.png
Tree Branch x1 Kitchen Knife
Hunting Knife
Chipped Stone x1
Can be used like Lance. Level 0


     item WoodenLance
        MaxRange			= 1.5,
        WeaponSprite			= Poolcue,
        MinAngle			= 0.2,
        Type				= Weapon,
        MinimumSwingTime		= 2,
        KnockBackOnNoDeath		= FALSE,
        SwingAmountBeforeImpact		= 0.02,
        Categories			= Improvised;Blunt,
        ConditionLowerChanceOneIn	= 1,
        Weight				= 0.4,
        SplatN.umber			= 0,
        PushBackMod			= 0.3,
        MaxDamage			= 0.7,
        SubCategory			= Swinging,
        ConditionMax			= 3,
        MaxHitCount			= 2,
        DoorDamage			= 2,
        SwingAnim			= Bat,
        WeaponWeight			= 1,
        DisplayName			= Wooden Spear,
        MinRange			= 0.61,
        SwingTime			= 2,
        MinDamage			= 0.5,
        KnockdownMod			= 0,
        SplatBloodOnNoDeath		= FALSE,
        Icon				= StickSharpened,
        RunAnim				= Run_Weapon2,
        IdleAnim			= Idle_Weapon2,
        BreakSound  			= PZ_WoodSnap,
        TreeDamage  			= 0,
        TwoHandWeapon 			= TRUE,

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