Wooden Spear

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Wooden Spear
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Weapon - Crafted
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PlushSpiffo.pngThis article is about the wooden spear that can be found impapled on zombies. For the spear that can be crafted, see Crafted Spear.

A wooden spear is a melee weapon.


Unlike the crafted spear, the wooden spear cannot be used for fishing and is only used as a weapon. As weapons, the two items similar, except the wooden spear has greater condition attributes.

Critical bonus

Attacking a lone Zombie (no other Zombie within 1.7 tiles of the target) between the range of 1.25 and 1.40 yields a +20% chance to a critical strike. Like all critical damage, negative moodles do not affect the damage output of the strike: meaning this can often save a player who would otherwise not inflict lethal damage. When this is triggered, a special animation will occur to signal to the player that the critical was successful. Be warned, as the animation can be lengthy, and other zombies can cover the extremely small distance of 1.7 tiles, especially dangerous if fighting against a horde.

Spear charge

The wooden spear is considered an improvised spear. All spears have the ability to use a unique spear charge attack. The spear charge ability can be used by sprinting (Left Alt key by default), then after a few seconds of sprinting, the character will begin a spear charge and any zombie on the receiving end of the charge will be killed in one blow. Spear charges are best used against lone zombies due to the character being vulnerable during the kill animation. The noise from sprinting may also alert nearby zombies, and it is more difficult for the character to turn while sprinting. The character will fall over if they sprint into a wall.


The wooden spear has a high condition (7) and low probability of being damaged (25%) compared to other spears, although it cannot be repaired. The probability of being damaged will decrease as the maintenance and spears skills are leveled. At level 0 maintenance and spear, it has a 25% chance of lowering its condition each attack.

Below is an example of the chance of losing durability at varying levels of the maintenance and spear skills.

For how this is calculated, see: Condition
Maintenance level Spear level Condition lower chance Average condition
0 0 1/4 (25%) 28
0 4 1/6 (17%) 42
0 8 1/8 (13%) 56
4 0 1/8 (13%) 56
8 0 1/12 (8%) 84
4 4 1/10 (10%) 70
4 8 1/12 (8%) 84
8 8 1/16 (6%) 112
10 10 1/18 (6%) 126


Although it's categorized as a crafted weapon, the wooden spear cannot be crafted.


The wooden spear can only be found on a bandit zombie's back, which has an average probability and at any time.


Code icon.png Code snippet! This section contains source code from Project ZomboidShow / Hide

Source: ProjectZomboid\media\scripts\items_weapons.txt

Retrieved: Build 41.78.16
item WoodenLance
        DisplayCategory = WeaponCrafted,
        MaxRange	=	1.4,
        WeaponSprite	=	WoodenLance,
        MinAngle	=	0.8,
        Type	=	Weapon,
        MinimumSwingTime	=	2,
        KnockBackOnNoDeath	=	FALSE,
        SwingAmountBeforeImpact	=	0.02,
        Categories	=	Improvised;Spear,
        ConditionLowerChanceOneIn	=	4,
        Weight	=	1.7,
        SplatNumber	=	1,
        PushBackMod	=	0.3,
        SubCategory	=	Spear,
        ConditionMax	=	7,
        MaxHitCount	=	2,
        DoorDamage	=	5,
        SwingAnim	=	Spear,
        DisplayName	=	Wooden Spear,
        MinRange	=	0.61,
        SwingTime	=	2,
        KnockdownMod	=	0,
        SplatBloodOnNoDeath	=	FALSE,
        Icon	=	StickSharpened,
        RunAnim	=	Run_Weapon2,
        IdleAnim	=	Idle_Weapon2,
        TreeDamage  =   0,
        TwoHandWeapon = TRUE,
        CriticalChance	=	30,
        CritDmgMultiplier = 10,
        MinDamage	=	1,
        MaxDamage	=	1.4,
        DamageCategory = Slash,
        DamageMakeHole = TRUE,
        BreakSound  =   WoodenLanceBreak,
        HitFloorSound	=	WoodenLanceHit,
        ImpactSound	=	WoodenLanceHit,
        DoorHitSound = WoodenLanceHit,
        HitSound	=	WoodenLanceHit,
        SwingSound	=	WoodenLanceSwing,
        SoundMap = SpearStab WoodenLanceStab,
		AttachmentType = Shovel,

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