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Firearms are a category of ranged weapons which are best used for urgent clearing of an area or as a last resort, as they cause a lot of noise, attracting a lot of zombies.

List of items


HandGun.png HandGun2.png RevolverShort.png Revolver.png HandGun3.png RevolverLong.png


ShotgunDoublebarrel.png ShotgunDoublebarrel.png Shotgun2.png Shotgun.png


AssaultRifle2.png AssaultRifle.png RifleVarmint.png RifleHunting.png


Main article: Category: Ammo
40calAmmoBox.png Box of 9mm Bullets ShotgunAmmo.png Box of Shotgun Shells RifleAmmo223loose.png Box of .223 Bullets RifleAmmo308loose.png Box of .308 Bullets

Weapon Parts

Main article: Category: Weapon Parts
AmmoStrap.png ShotgunChoke.png ShotgunChoke.png RifleFibreglassStock.png ScopeIronSight.png HandgunLaser.png RifleRecoilPad.png RedDot.png
GunSling.png Scope2x.png Scope4x.png Scope8x.png BerettaClip.png


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