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Ammo or ammunition is required to shoot a firearm. Currently, there are single bullets, boxes, and magazines classified under this category as well as molds.



Icon Name Encumbrance Base ID
RifleAmmo223loose.png .223 Round 0.02 Base.223Bullets
RifleAmmo308loose.png .308 Round 0.02 Base.308Bullets
40calAmmoBox.png .38 Special Round 0.02 Base.Bullets38
40calAmmoBox.png .44 Magnum Round 0.04 Base.Bullets44
40calAmmoBox.png .45 Auto Round 0.04 Base.Bullets45
RifleAmmo308loose.png 5.56mm Round 0.03 Base.556Bullets
40calAmmoBox.png 9mm Round 0.01 Base.Bullets9mm
ShotgunAmmo.png Shotgun Shells 0.05 Base.ShotgunShells


Icon Name Encumbrance Base ID
RifleAmmo223.png Box of .223 Rounds 0.6 Base.223Box
RifleAmmo308.png Box of .308 Rounds 0.6 Base.308Box
HandgunAmmoBox.png Box of .38 Special Rounds 0.35 Base.Bullets38Box
HandgunAmmoBox.png Box of .44 Magnum Rounds 0.38 Base.Bullets44Box
HandgunAmmoBox.png Box of .45 Auto Rounds 1 Base.Bullets44Box
RifleAmmo308.png Box of 5.56mm Rounds 1.2 Base.556Box
HandgunAmmoBox.png Box of 9mm Rounds 0.2 Base.Bullets9mmBox
ShotgunAmmoBox.png Box of Shotgun Shells 0.9 Base.Bullets9mmBox


Main article: Magazine (firearms)
Icon Name Encumbrance Weapon Ammo Capacity Base ID
M9 Magazine M9 Magazine 0.2 M9 Pistol 9mm Round 15 Base.9mmClip
M1911 Auto Magazine M1911 Auto Magazine 0.2 M1911 Pistol .45 Auto Round 7 Base.45Clip
D-E Magazine D-E Magazine 0.2 D-E Pistol .44 Magnum Round 8 Base.44Clip
MSR700 Magazine MSR700 Magazine 0.2 MSR700 Rifle .223 Round 3 Base.223Clip
MSR788 Magazine MSR788 Magazine 0.2 MSR788 Rifle .308 Round 3 Base.308Clip
M16 Magazine M16 Magazine 0.2 M16 Assault Rifle 5.56mm Round 30 Base.556Clip
M14 Magazine M14 Magazine 0.2 M14 Rifle .308 Round 20 Base.M14Clip


This article/section is about an item or mechanic that is currently unimplemented and planned for a future version.
It has either been previewed or found in the game files and does not exist yet.
Icon Name Encumbrance Base ID
BulletMold.png .223 Bullet MoldFuture! 0.5 Base.223BulletsMold
BulletMold.png .308 Bullet MoldFuture! 0.5 Base.308BulletsMold
BulletMold.png 9mm Bullet MoldFuture! 0.5 Base.9mmBulletsMold
BulletMold.png Shotgun Shells MoldFuture! 0.5 Base.ShotgunShellsMold

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