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Bucket Bucket of Water
Category Item
Heavy Load
Empty: 1
Full: 4
Function Cooking utensil
Capacity 25 units
Contents Water
Can boil water False
Rain factor 1
Technical details
Base ID Base.BucketEmpty
“Can be used to collect rainwater when placed on the ground outside”
— In-game tooltip

A bucket is a water container required in carpentry.



The bucket can be used to carry up to 25 units of water. To fill a bucket with water, simply right-click the water source and select "Fill Bucket", consuming the bucket and producing a bucket of water. If the source is considered unclean, the water in the bucket will be tainted and displayed with a green skull icon (SkullPoison.png). Leaving the bucket on the ground outside while it is raining, will gradually fill it with tainted water.


The bucket can be used with water and plaster powder to produce a bucket of plaster, which can be applied to a built wall, allowing it to be painted. A bucket of plaster can be filled with water, which will remove the plaster.


Product XP Gained Skill(s) Recipe Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3
Bucket with Water
Bucket x1
none Bucket
Bucket x1
Bucket with Plaster
Bucket of Plaster x1
none Bucket
Bucket x1
Water (5 units)
Bag of Plaster Powder
Bag of Plaster Powder x1


Buckets are relatively rare as they can only be found in garden and storage areas at low frequency.


Building/Room Container Rolls Chance
All Crate 1 2
Shed Counter 1 10
Storage Unit All 3 1
Garden store Crate 3 2
Farm Storage All 3 2


Profession Container Rolls Chance
Construction Worker Trunk 5 1


From items.txt (Project Zomboid directory/media/scripts/)

Bucket MetalBucket.png

Version 41.78.16
	item BucketEmpty
	    DisplayCategory = WaterContainer,
		Weight	=	1,
		CanStoreWater	=	TRUE,
		Type	=	Normal,
		DisplayName	=	Bucket,
		Icon	=	MetalBucket,
        ReplaceOnUseOn = WaterSource-BucketWaterFull,
        MetalValue = 20,
        RainFactor = 1,
		Tooltip = Tooltip_item_RainFromGround,
        EatType = Bucket,
        SurvivalGear = TRUE,
        WorldStaticModel = Bucket_Ground,

Bucket of Water MetalBucket Water.png

Version 41.78.16
	item BucketWaterFull
	    DisplayCategory = Water,
		IsWaterSource	=	TRUE,
		Weight	=	4,
		CanStoreWater	=	TRUE,
		FillFromDispenserSound = GetWaterFromDispenserMetalBig,
		FillFromTapSound = GetWaterFromTapMetalBig,
		Type	=	Drainable,
		DisplayName	=	Bucket of Water,
		UseWhileEquipped	=	FALSE,
		UseDelta	=	0.04,
		ReplaceOnDeplete	=	BucketEmpty,
		ReplaceOnUseOn	=	WaterSource-BucketWaterFull,
		Icon	=	MetalBucket_Water,
		RainFactor = 1,
		Tooltip = Tooltip_item_RainFromGround,
		StaticModel = Bucket,
		EatType = Bucket,
		WorldStaticModel = BucketFullWater_Ground,
		IsCookable = TRUE,
		Tags = HasMetal,


In build 41.78 the bucket had its icon changed, to reflect that it's made of metal, previously it used to have a blue icon: Bucket Empty.pngBucket Water.png.

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