Golf Club

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Golf Club
Golf Club
Golf Club
Category Weapon
Heavy Load
Equipped Two-handed
Condition max. 5
Type Blunt
Attack speed 3
Range 0.61–1.42 tiles
Damage 0.5–1.0
Knockback 0.6
Knockdown 0
Technical details
Base ID Base.Golfclub
“I don't know about you, but when I golf with my buddies there's always this special moment. You get your clubs out the trunk, your friend does the same and you compare - right? Until I bought a set of Ivanov clubs, that was a mental battle I always lost. To get the best, you've gotta look for the best. So it's your lucky day. Today I'm here to show you: the best. Let's find out why golfing the Ivanov way is pitch perfect.”
Television advert

A golf club is a blunt melee weapon.



The golf club has a long range, however can only hit one enemy per swing, making it difficult to keep back a larger group of zombies. The golf club has difficulty knocking a zombie to the ground and will instead knock them back.

Breaking doors

It is somewhat ineffective at bashing down doors, dealing 5 damage per hit. For comparison, an axe deals 35 damage.

Chopping trees

It cannot be used to chop trees, dealing 0 damage per hit. For comparison, an axe deals 35 damage.


The golf club is a blunt weapon, therefore being influenced by the blunt skills: accuracy, guard and maintenance. It has a maximum condition of 10 and will be damaged depending on the player's maintenance skill.


Materials that can be used to repair the golf club, based on first time repairing.

Repair Golf club
Duct Tape
DuctTape.png Potentially repairs: 20%
Chance of success: 95%
Duct Tape (2 units)
Adhesive Tape
Scotchtape.png Potentially repairs: 10%
Chance of success: 95%
Adhesive Tape (3 units)


Golf clubs can be found in storage boxes and can be found specifically at the warehouses and the train station warehouses SE of Muldraugh, KY.



From Items_weapons.txt (Project Zomboid directory/media/scripts/)

Version 41.50
    item Golfclub
        MaxRange	=	1.42,
        WeaponSprite	=	GolfClub,
        MinAngle	=	0.8,
        Type	=	Weapon,
        MinimumSwingTime	=	3,
        SwingAmountBeforeImpact	=	0.02,
        Categories	=	Blunt,
        Weight	=	2,
        ConditionLowerChanceOneIn	=	15,
        PushBackMod	=	0.6,
        SubCategory	=	Swinging,
        ConditionMax	=	5,
        MaxHitCount	=	1,
        DoorDamage	=	5,
        IdleAnim	=	Idle_Weapon2,
        SwingAnim	=	Bat,
        DisplayName	=	Golfclub,
        MinRange	=	0.61,
        SwingTime	=	3,
        HitAngleMod	=	-30,
        KnockdownMod	=	0,
        Icon	=	Golfclub,
        RunAnim		=	Run_Weapon2,
        TwoHandWeapon	= TRUE,
        TreeDamage	=   0,
        EnduranceMod	= 0.6,
        MetalValue	= 90,
        BreakSound	=   BreakMetalItem,
        CriticalChance	=	25,
        CritDmgMultiplier	=	2,
        MinDamage	=	0.5,
        MaxDamage	=	1,
        BaseSpeed	= 1,
        AttachmentType	= BigBlade,


From fixing.txt (Project Zomboid directory/media/scripts/)

Version 41.50
	fixing Fix Golf club
		Require : Golfclub,
		Fixer : DuctTape=2,
		Fixer : Scotchtape=3,

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