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Icon Name Encumbrance Item ID
Scotchtape.png Adhesive Tape 0.1 Base.Scotchtape
DuctTape.png Duct Tape 0.3 Base.DuctTape
Glue.png Glue 0.1 Base.Glue
Woodglue.png Wood Glue 0.1 Base.Woodglue


Icon Name Encumbrance Item ID
Aluminum.png Aluminum 0.1 Base.Aluminum
Concrete Powder.png Bag of Concrete Powder 5.0 Base.ConcretePowder
Plaster Powder.png Bag of Plaster Powder 5.0 Base.PlasterPowder
BarbedWire.png Barbed Wire 1 Base.BarbedWire
Box of Nails Box of Nails 0.3 Base.NailsBox
Box of Paperclips Box of Paperclips 0.3 Base.PaperclipBox
Box of Screws Box of Screws 0.3 Base.Screws
Sparklers.png Box of Sparklers 0.2 Base.Sparklers
MetalBucket Concrete.png Bucket of ConcreteFuture 10.0 Base.BucketConcreteFull
MetalBucket Plaster.png Bucket of Plaster 10.0 Base.BucketPlasterFull
TZ CharCoal.png Charcoal 8.0 Base.Charcoal
RockSharpened.png Chipped Stone 0.3 Base.SharpedStone
DenimStrips.png Denim Strips 0.05 Base.DenimStrips
Sandbag.png Dirt Bag 2.0 Base.Dirtbag
Doorhinge.png Door Hinge 0.3 Base.Hinge
DoorKnob.png Doorknob 0.5 Base.Doorknob
Drawer.png Drawer 3.0 Base.Drawer
Empty Paint Bucket Empty Paint Bucket 0.5 Base.PaintbucketEmpty
TinCanEmpty.png Empty Tin Can 0.2 Base.TinCanEmpty
TZ Flint.png FlintRemoved 0.2 camping.Flint
Logs4.png Four-logs Stack 12.0 Base.LogStacks4
Gravelbag.png Gravel Bag 2.0 Base.Gravelbag
GunpowderJar.png Gunpowder 0.1 Base.GunPowder
WoodHandle.png HandleFuture 0.3 Base.Handle
LeatherStrips.png Leather Strips 0.05 Base.LeatherStrips
Logs.png Log 9.0 Base.Log
SheetMetal.png Metal Sheet 1.5 Base.SheetMetal
Nails.png Nails 0.01 Base.Nails
Paperclip.png Paperclip 0.1 Base.Paperclip
Pillow.png Pillow 0.8 Base.Pillow
Plank.png Plank 3.0 Base.Plank
Pipe.png Plastic Pipe 0.3 Base.Pipe
PropaneTank.png Propane Tank 10 Base.PropaneTank
Rag.png Ripped Sheets 0.05 Base.RippedSheets
Rope.png Rope 0.3 Base.Rope
Sandbag.png Sand Bag 2.0 Base.Sandbag
ScrapMetal.png Scrap Metal 0.1 Base.ScrapMetal
UnsableWood.png Scrap Wood 1.0 Base.UnusableWood
Screws.png Screws 0.1 Base.Screws
Sheet.png Sheet 0.8 Base.Sheet
SheetRope.png Sheet Rope 0.8 Base.SheetRope
MetalSheetSmall.png Small Metal Sheet 0.4 Base.SmallSheetMetal
Staples.png Staples 0.1 Base.Staples
Rock.png Stone 0.3 Base.Stone
String.png StringFuture 0.2 Base.String
TZ WoodenStick.png Sturdy Stick 0.1 Base.WoodenStick
Tarp.png Tarp 1.0 Base.Tarp
Tent peg.png Tent Peg 0.2 camping.TentPeg
Thread.png Thread 0.1 Base.Thread
Logs3.png Three-logs Stack 9.0 Base.LogStacks3
Branch.png Tree Branch 0.2 Base.TreeBranch
Twigs.png Twigs 0.1 Base.Twigs
Twine.png Twine 0.1 Base.Twine
Logs2.png Two-logs Stack 6.0 Base.LogStacks2
UnsableMetal.png Unusable Metal 1 Base.UnusableMetal
WeldingRods.png Welding Rods 1.5
(0.2 empty)
Wire.png Wire 0.2 Base.Wire
MetalBits.png Workable IronFuture 5.0 Base.IronIngot
Yarn.png Yarn 0.1 Base.Yarn


Icon Name Encumbrance Item ID
Black Paint Black Paint 5.0 Base.PaintBlack
Blue Paint Blue Paint 5.0 Base.PaintBlue
Brown Paint Brown Paint 5.0 Base.PaintBrown
Cyan Paint Cyan Paint 5.0 Base.PaintCyan
Green Paint Green Paint 5.0 Base.PaintGreen
Gray Paint Gray Paint 5.0 Base.PaintGrey
Light Blue Paint Light Blue Paint 5.0 Base.PaintLightBlue
Light Brown Paint Light Brown Paint 5.0 Base.PaintLightBrown
Orange Paint Orange Paint 5.0 Base.PaintOrange
Pink Paint Pink Paint 5.0 Base.PaintPink
Purple Paint Purple Paint 5.0 Base.PaintPurple
Red Paint Red Paint 5.0 Base.PaintRed
Turquoise Paint Turquoise Paint 5.0 Base.PaintTurquoise
White Paint White Paint 5.0 Base.PaintWhite
Yellow Paint Yellow Paint 5.0 Base.PaintYellow

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