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Self storage

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Self storage businesses can be found throughout Knox Country, providing the state's residents with places to temporarily store excess belongings. There are several chains of self-storage services, the most common being U-Store It and Secure Storage.


The layout of each individual business varies, but each is typically structured based upon one of two distinct styles:

  • A lot, which consists of a large open area with rows of individual units, their large garage doors exposed to the outside similar to a garage.
  • A building, which consists of a large, enclosed building with the storage units accessible through a hallway inside, typically behind standard doors. Some units may use a large garage door to connect to the outside as well.

Whilst the storage rooms in building-style locations can be easily accessed with the use of keys or simply destroying or dismantling the door, the storage units in lot-style locations that do not spawn open or unlocked can only be accessed with the use of keys or brute force, as the garage doors cannot be dismantled. Keys can be found on dead zombies near the lot or building, and will typically unlock every unit on the premises with the use of just one key.


The contents of self storage rooms and units can vary wildly, with some units containing full-size pianos, jukeboxes, or other oddities, and some units can even contain tools, weapons, firearms, or portable generators. As most of the state's residents have now succumbed to the Knox Infection, any sentimental value the objects found within these units may once have had is lost to time. Still, survivors may be able to gather some useful supplies from them.


Most self storage locations are part of a business chain, although some independent locations do exist.

Name Locations
Number of locations Towns
Clark storage logo.png

Clark Storage

1 Muldraugh
Secure storage logo.png

Secure Storage

2 Louisville
Stor a max logo.png


1 Muldraugh
U store it logo.png

U-Store It

5 Riverside
Self storage (West Point) 1 (Unbranded) West Point
Self storage (Valley Station) 1 (Unbranded) Valley Station


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