Louisville border camp

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Louisville border camp
Louisville border camp
Isometric view of the border camp
Army checkpoint & refugee camp
This is Jackie Jaye. It's been the night from hell at the Louisville border camp. Violence between the military and civilian groups broke out, and it attracted them. Hundreds of people with the Knox Event Infection, maybe more, maybe thousands. They came in through the wire, through the barricades.
— Jackie Jaye, LBMW

The Louisville border camp is a refugee camp and army checkpoint on the border of Louisville.


The border camp consists of two main sections.

  • The army checkpoint, on the border itself.
  • The refugee camp, located North of the checkpoint.

The main route to and through the camp is initially protected by fences and gates that cannot easily be opened, but a breach exists on the eastern side; when approaching from the south, turn east through the train yard and follow the fencing until you find the breach. This route will not permit vehicles access through the area (unless an axe is used to clear the trees) and the main army checkpoint remains fenced off from both sides, but the break does allow for foot access into the Louisville area.


The camp was overrun on July 14th after a protest resulted in a conflict between the army and protesters, which resulted in large hordes of zombies raiding the border camp and the rest of Louisville. The refugee camp was for survivors who were displaced by the Knox Event quarantine.

The Louisville border camp provides insight to the events that happened before the player finds themselves inside the game's world. With a podium and a stage platform, along with notable news vans and cameras, it is seen here that it's where addresses were made as seen from several radios and televisions throughout the game.

Locations / Loot

Army checkpoint

The army checkpoint is made up of four distinct sections.

  • The offices, located on the South-West side, it contains multiple offices, military radios, computers, and a quarantine area.
  • The medical center, located on the South-East side, contains first aid supplies and furniture. Has a generator next to the tent.
  • The barracks, located on both the South-East and the North-West side of the checkpoint. These rooms contain military clothing and equipment. A kitchen and eating area is also found in the North-East section. This contains basic restaurant loot can be found, including food, ingredients, and basic kitchen gear. There is a generator on the West barracks, and at the kitchen tent.
  • The armory, located in the north-east section, this room contains military weapons and equipment. The shipping container to the West of the armory tent also contains weapons.

Refugee camp

The refugee camp has tents, barbecues, portable radios, etc.

The refugee camp is less organized, and can be split into three main sections;

  • The press area, located just north of the army checkpoint, it is an area for press conferences to take place with a fence between the army and the press. The area is surrounded by orange cones to prevent refugees entering. Microphones and cameras can be found here.
  • The refugee area, This area is the main portion of the refugee camp. Along the entirety of the highway into Louisville, tents, barbecues, and radios can be found. Vehicles are often found along the entirety of the highway. A generator can also be found next to the burger store.
  • The radio shack, located at the far north end of the refugee camp, a radio shack belonging to LBMW - Kentucky Radio can be found. Along with ham radios, a camera, and a generator.



Due to an extreme amount of zombies all around the camp, it is recommended that players take precautions before attempting to loot the facilities inside the camp. The army surplus store inside of Louisville offers the same amount of weapons, armor, and tools at a significantly lower risk.


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