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Riverside school
Riverside school
Isometric view of the school in Riverside.
Floor count
2 floors
1 stairways

The Riverside school is a school in the suburbs of Riverside. There is a small parking lot to the left of the school, a smaller parking lot near the right side, and a fenced-in yard in the back of the building. The school can serve as a good location for a safehouse in the area.


The school is a somewhat large two-story building with roof access on the upper floor.

There are four main entrances to the building, the main door, which is directly off the street from the road connecting the suburbs of Riverside with the business district, a side door, which is accessible from the parking lot, two rear entrances, accessible from the fenced-in yard, and a few side entrances to the right of the building, near the dumpsters. All of them except for the side doors near the dumpsters have glass panels in the doors, so be aware that any nearby zombies can see inside.

The ground floor of the school consists of a large office area near the front entrance, a break room, also near the front entrance, a utility closet near the break room, a large library in the center of the building, bathrooms across from the library, a gym and locker rooms near the back of the building, a large cafeteria and kitchen occupying the right side of the building, and four large classrooms occupying the left side of the building. The classrooms and cafeteria contain a large amount of furniture that can be dismantled for carpentry experience, and several weapons and helmets can be found in the gym's supply closet.

The second floor mainly consists of classrooms, with another set of bathrooms in the center of the layout and two small supply closets in the center and "top" of the layout. The roof can be accessed via a door in the aforementioned supply closet.


The library contains a large amount of skill books and magazines, including the elusive generator magazine. The lockers in the hallways can contain snacks such as chips, electronic items for dismantling, a variety of clothing such as varsity jackets, school bags, and, rather disturbingly, handguns, such as the M9 pistol. The break room also contains a small amount of food and cooking supplies, and the nurse's office contains some medical supplies.


The central location and large size of the school can make it a good location for an outpost or even a main base. However, there are some serious drawbacks to consider.

Pros Cons
  • Central location allows convenient access to most of the suburbs and the business district.
  • Large size allows for lots of potential storage of loot.
  • The first-floor break room is very secure and has a fridge, microwave, and couch to sleep on.
  • Built-in roof access allows for easy rooftop farming and emergency escape routes.
  • Large amounts of windows makes securing the building difficult.
  • May be too large for solo players.
  • Converging hallways can make escape difficult if the building is overrun from multiple angles.
  • Not very close to some key Riverside points of interest, such as the factory, farm, and auto shop.


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