Car Battery

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Car Battery
Car Battery
Category Item
Heavy Load
Function Start engine
Power accessories
Required tool Screwdriver
Capacity 100,000 units
Contents Electricity
Technical details
Base ID Item IDs
“Recharges while the engine is running. Drained by starting the engine, by active lights, siren and radio.”
— In-game description
PlushSpiffo.pngThis article is about batteries required to power vehicles. For batteries that power small appliances, see Battery.

A car battery is a drainable item forming an integral part of a vehicle.


A car battery can only be used in powering a vehicle and not other household electricals.


The car battery is installed underneath the hood and does not require any mechanics level or known recipe to install or uninstall, however it does require the player to have a screwdriver.

The car battery is used to power the engine when starting the vehicle, therefore having a low or flat car battery will fail to start the vehicle. It's also used to power accessories when the engine isn't on, such as the headlights, heater, radio and siren.


A car battery will automatically recharge while the engine is running. Otherwise, a flat car battery can be recharged by using a car battery charger, which requires the player to be standing on a powered tile, followed by simply right-clicking the car battery or charger and selecting "recharge".


The condition of a car battery is separate to the remaining power, although they can be easily mixed up. A car battery's condition determines its capacity and effectiveness at starting a vehicle engine.


Car batteries can very commonly be found under the hood of a vehicle, already installed. They can also be found inside gas stations, sheds, garages or mechanic.

Item IDs

Car batteries can be found as one of three different types, each corresponding to a vehicle type. Therefore, a car battery for one vehicle type cannot be swapped with another vehicle type.

Vehicle type Class name
Standard Base.CarBattery1
Heavy-Duty Base.CarBattery2
Sport Base.CarBattery3

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