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Stairs can be constructed to allow access to higher floors, either for expanding a new building or reaching the roof of an existing one. When construction is completed, a single Wood Floor tile will be placed at the top. Each set of stairs thus consists of three stair tiles, plus the wooden floor tile at the top, for a total of four tiles.

Stairs can only be built facing north and west, can't be built under certain rooftops, and cannot be placed right up against walls or fences on the top or bottom ends, though their sides may be placed against walls without issue. They also cannot lead directly into another set of stairs; there must be at least one floor tile at the top of the first set of stairs and bottom of the second set of stairs. Take this into account when attempting to create complex multi-level structures.

Finally, stairs are assembled and disassembled as a complete unit; you cannot have a stairway that goes up half a floor and then doubles back or turns to one side in order to save space.


Product XP Gained Skill(s) Recipe Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3
Stairs Carpentry.png
Stairs Piece
1.25 CP CP = 6
Plank x15
Nails x15



  • Stairs needed to reach second, third, or etc. floor level.
  • Gain 2.5 carpentry XP for every crafted tile.

Building note

If you build stairs and extend their second floor by building additional tile - stair tile will not be removed on destroying stairs. To fix this, before destroying stairs, destroy all tiles next to stairs top tile.

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