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Laundromats are small businesses that provided clothing washing services before the Knox Event wiped out civilization. They are very common, and can be found in almost every settlement within Knox Country. While there are unnamed locations, there are six laundromat companies; A-1 Laundry, Brighted Whites, Martin's Essentials and Laundry, Laundr-o-max, Superklean, and Coin Op Laundromat. Naturally, they are known to contain many cleaning household supplies.


All laundromats contain several washers and dryers, which sometimes have clothes still in them. The clothes and appliances can be dismantled for parts and tailoring experience, and sometimes they contain soda vending machines and small storage closets with cleaning supplies. However, there usually isn't much else to be found within them.

Once the power shuts off, washing machines become unavailable, unless a fueled generator is attached to the building.

Sometimes there are vehicles parked outside that may be of interest as well.

List of chains

Name Locations
Number of locations Towns
Coin op laundromat logo.png

Coin Op Laundromat

9 Louisville
West Point
Doe Valley
Dixie Mobile Park
Laundr-o-max logo.png


2 Louisville
Fallas Lake
A-1 laundry sign.png

A-1 Laundry

2 Louisville
Martins logo.png

Martin's Essentials and Laundry

3 Louisville
Brighted whites logo.png

Brighted Whites

1 Louisville
Superklean logo.png


1 March Ridge
Gas and more logo.png

Gas N More

1 Scenic Grove Mobile Park
Zippee market logo.png

Zippee Market

1 Louisville
Unnamed 15 Riverside
Burnt town
March Ridge