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Liquor stores are shops that sell alcohol before the apocalypse. They could be found throughout Knox Country on their own, or as a part of a building, connected with other businesses. There are 4 liquor store franchises; Beer & Liquor, Liquorty-Split, Kegsplosion, and Mead, Drink and Bloody Merry.


All liquor stores have several shelves and atleast 1 bar wall. While the shelves usually contain lots of canned beer, beer bottle, occasional bourbon and sometimes wine, the bar walls exclusively only contain red wine and white wine. Liquor stores have a storage room at the back, which has even more alcohol to be found inside cardboard boxes and on the large metal shelves. Some liquor stores have an apartment on top of them, which could be the once in a lifetime blessing of a base for a post-apocalyptic alcoholic.

List of chains

Name Locations
Number of locations Towns
Beer & liquor logo.png

Beer & Liquor

3 Louisville
Valley Station

Beer + Liquor

2 Louisville
Valley Station
Liquorty split logo.png


6 Louisville
Kegsplosion logo.png


1 Louisville
Mead drink and bloody merry logo.png

Mead, Drink and Bloody Merry

1 Louisville


Location Description Coordinates
Burnt town
In the center of the town, shares building with a bakery. Due to being burned, it has only a couple of shelves remaining.
Liquor Store Far East Louisville.png
In the Far East Louisville, near a Fire department. Has a couple of shelves and pair of fridges in the main shopping area, and a metal shelves in the back.
Liquor Store The Grand Ohio Mall.png
In the The Grand Ohio Mall. Has a a lot of shelves and fridges in the main shopping area, and multiple cardboard boxes with metal shelves in the storage room.

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