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Bare Hands
BareHands 120px.png
Category Weapon
Type Unarmed
Swing time 2.5
Range 0–1.2 tiles
Damage 0.2–0.4
Knockback 0.5
Technical details
Base ID Base.BareHands

Bare hands are the player's primary weapon when they have none equipped.


When fighting with this type of combat, the player will have 2 types of "moves".


The first move is a simple shove, deals no damage to the target and prolonged fighting will tire out a player. However, if an unarmed push successfully hits an enemy, the target(s) will be pushed back and may even fall onto the ground. This attack can push up to 3 enemies at once (one of the few "weapons" in game that can target 3) and if the attack is charged more, the enemies are pushed more.


The second move is a stomp to the head. This only works if the enemy is knocked down on the floor. Unlike the "push", this attack deals damage to the enemy, although it still takes many strikes to kill a downed foe. This also prevents a downed enemy from getting back on its feet, which is very useful in a 1 v 1 situation.


The best strategy is to push a standing enemy to the floor with one well-charged push. Then, the player should try to stomp the enemy repeatedly in order to prevent the enemy from getting back up and in order to kill it. Unarmed combat in general will expend energy very quickly because the attacks are very weak. This should not be attempted if there are many enemies because it takes a lot of time to kill an enemy. Instead, fleeing is usually more viable. It should be noted that standing on top of a zombie prevents them from getting up. This means that you can push another without having to worry about the one on the ground. A weapon is also far more powerful than unarmed combat and should still be obtained as soon as possible.


From items.txt (Project Zomboid directory/media/scripts/)

Version 41.39
	item BareHands
 MaxRange = 1.2,
 WeaponSprite = null,
 MinAngle = 0.1,
 MinimumSwingTime = 2.5,
 Type = Weapon,
 SwingAnim = Shove,
 KnockBackOnNoDeath = TRUE,
 WeaponWeight = 0,
 DisplayName = Bare Hands,
 Categories = Unarmed,
 SwingAmountBeforeImpact = 0.1,
 SwingTime = 2.5,
 MinDamage = 0.2,
 SplatNumber = 1,
 Weight = 1,
 PushBackMod = 0.5,
 MaxDamage = 0.4,
 SplatBloodOnNoDeath = FALSE,
 MaxHitCount = 3,
 Icon = Axe,
 DoorDamage = 0,
 TreeDamage = 0,

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