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Project Zomboid mostly features one big map, a Knox Country, which is comprised of multiple smaller towns and villages, as well as multiple businesses operating therein, however, there are some small, standalone maps used for the tutorial and challenges as well.

Knox Country

Main article: Knox Country

Knox Country is currently the main map of the game, which features multiple smaller towns:

Knox County

Main article: Knox County

Knox County was the main map before being scrapped for a bigger map version 0.2.0r back in 2013, but is still available as a challenge map in a limited form.


Main article: Tutorial

There is a separate small map used in a tutorial, to teach players basic game mechanics.


Main articles: Game modes, Game modes

Small maps are often featured as part of the challenges, the ones with unique map currently include:


Main article: Businesses

There are various businesses in the Project Zomboid lore. These are located through the game universe.