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Credit: Darkoracle
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This template is transcluded onto the main page to display a random image from a list.


To add a screenshot/caption:

Please note that if you do not have the appropriate user rights, you will not be able to add a screenshot. If you'd like a screenshot to be featured on the main page, please upload the file and post a link to it on an administrator's talk page.

  • Upload the file if it isn't on the wiki already.
  • Edit this page.
  • Change the following...
...to be this:
  • Copy and paste the following between the last line of the page and the one before it:
  • Test your changes by inserting {{Main Page Screenshot|#|test=1}} onto a page and replacing # with the screenshots ID number. Preview changes, then you should see your screenshot/caption.

Please do not use equals signs or vertical bars in your captions.
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