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Water Drop
Category Item
Heavy Load
Function Reduce Thirst
Crafting Component, Fishing
Technical details
Class name Base.WaterDrop

Water is a fundamental requirement for long-term survival. The player will automatically drink water from water bottles in their inventory when thirsty.


Prior to the water supply being shut off, water can be obtained from faucets, bathtubs, and toilets. Additionally, water may be collected from wells, rain collector barrels, or directly from water sources in the environment such as rivers and lakes.

Players must be holding an empty bottle or other type of water container to hold the water in their inventory, for example empty mugs, kettles and cooking pots. It is obtained by right-clicking the water source and selecting "fill <container>".

A player can also temporarily satisfy their thirst without a container by right clicking a water source and selecting "Drink". These appliances include faucets, bathtubs and toilets. Drinking directly from water found in the environment, such as lakes or rain-collector barrels, is now marked as 'tainted', giving it a chance to make the player sick if consumed. In order to purify the water, the player must boil it in a container (see below) until the 'tainted water' icon (SkullPoison.png) disappears.


There are many different sized containers which are able to hold differing amounts of water. This is measured in arbitrary units which are often referred to as "cups". For example, an Empty Mug holds 1 unit and a Cooking Pot holds 25.

Item Units of water Can use to boil
Mug of Water
1 No
Bowl of Water
2 Yes
Water Bottle (Mayonnaise)
Water Bottle (Mayonnaise)
6.7 No
Water Bottle (Remoulade)
Water Bottle (Remoulade)
6.7 No
WaterBottle Full.png
Water Bottle
10 No
Pop water.png
Water Bottle (Pop)
10 No
Whiskey Water Full.png
Water Bottle (Whiskey)
12.5 No
Kettle of Water
14.3 Yes
Saucepan of Water
Saucepan of Water
25 Yes
Pot Water.png
Cooking Pot with Water
25 Yes
Bucket Water.png
Bucket of Water
32.3 No
Watering Can (Full)
Watering Can (Full)
40 No
Gardening Spray Can (Full)
Gardening Spray Can (Full)
40 No


Mainly serving as a thirst-quencher, water can also be used as a soup ingredient in cooking pots or to cook rice and pasta in a saucepan or cooking pot.

Unless used in a crafting recipe, one unit of water negates 10 points of thirst.

Water can be used on dirty rags or dirty bandages to clean them, turning them back into ripped sheets or bandages.

In Farming, water is required to grow plants. If it is raining, the plants will automatically be watered. Please note, although it takes half a watering can or gardening spray can (20 units of water) to bring a crop to a Well Watered / 100% state, using 4 mugs of water (4 units of water) to water a crop will yield the same result.

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