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Weapons [iwbums] vde
Axe Hand AxeStone AxeAxeWood Axe
Long Blunt SaxophoneTrumpetBadminton RacketTennis RacketGolf ClubChainsawCrowbarAcoustic GuitarSnow ShovelShovelGarden HoePlankSpiked PlankPool CueBroomHockey StickIceHockey StickLaCrosse StickPickAxeCanoe PaddleCanoe Paddle DoubleBaseball BatSpiked Baseball BatFishing RodFishing Rod (crafted)Fishing Rod Without lineLeaf RakeRakeBarbellSledgehammerBlack Electric BassBlue Electric BassRed Electric BassBlack Electric GuitarBlue Electric GuitarRed Electric Guitar
Short Blunt SaucepanLead PipeMetal BarMetal PipePipe WrenchViolinBanjoDrumstickPlungerFluteChair LegPickAxe HandleSpiked PickAxe HandleTable LegClub HammerBall Peen HammerWooden MalletWrenchHammerStone HammerRolling PinFrying PanDumbBell
Long Blade MacheteKatana
Short Blade Hand ScytheHand ForkHunting KnifeFlint KnifeIce PickLetter OpenerForkScissorsSpoonScalpelButter KnifeBread KnifeKitchen KnifeScrewdriver
Spear Garden ForkWooden SpearSpear With Bread KnifeSpear With Butter KnifeSpear With ForkSpear With Letter OpenerSpear With ScalpelSpear With SpoonSpear With ScissorsSpear With Hand ForkSpear With ScrewdriverSpear With Hunting KnifeSpear With MacheteSpear With Ice PickCrafted SpearSpear With Knife
Firearm D-E PistolDouble-Barreled ShotgunJS-2000 ShotgunM14 Single Shot Assault RifleM16 Assault RifleM1911 PistolM36 RevolverM625 RevolverM9 PistolMagnumMSR700 RifleMSR788 RifleSawn Off JS-2000 Shotgun
Ammo .223 Ammo.308 Ammo.38 Special Bullets.45 Auto.44 Magnum Bullets9mm RoundsShotgun Shells
Weapon mods .223 Magazine.308 Magazine.44 Magnum Magazine.45 Auto MagazineItemsAmmo StrapsChoke Tube ImprovedChoke Tube FullFiberglass StockIron SightLaserRecoil PadRed DotSlingx2 Scopex4 Scopex8 Scope
Throwable Aerosol BombAerosol BombAerosol BombFlame TrapFlame TrapFlame TrapMolotov CocktailNoise MakerNoise MakerNoise MakerPipe BombPipe BombPipe BombAerosol BombFlame TrapNoise MakerPipe BombSmoke BombSmoke BombSmoke BombSmoke Bomb
Other Bare HandsPenPenPencilPen

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