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Pistol (Icon) 9mm Rounds
Category Weapon
Heavy Load
Equipped One-handed
Condition max. 10
Ammo type 9mm Rounds
Clip size 15
Noise radius 150 tiles
Recoil delay 20
Reload time 20
Aiming time 40
Type Gunshot
Range 0.61–10 tiles
Damage 1–1.6
Accuracy 45
Knockback 0.3
Knockdown 2
Technical details
Base ID Base.Pistol

A pistol is a handgun chambered in 9×19mm. It uses a 15 round capacity magazine. The weapon most closely resembles a Smith and Wesson M&P9 TALO, although the weapon in game has numerous differences from its real life counterpart.

The Pistol can be found almost anywhere, albeit rarely. It can usually be found inside of cabinets, storage crates, wardrobes, dressers, and other similar containers. It cannot be found inside of refrigerators, although it may rarely be found on zombies.


Reloading difficulty can be set to either Easy, Normal, or Hardcore. It is not possible to fire the weapon with the magazine removed. The trigger and hammer click when the last round in the magazine is fired, as if to indicate to the user that they are out of ammunition.

Easy Mode

In-game description: Reloading handguns refills the weapon provided there is ammunition available.

Reloading the Pistol on Easy is accomplished simply by having 9mm Rounds in the character's inventory and pressing 'R' while having the handgun equipped. Magazines are unavailable on Easy mode. The Pistol can also be reloaded by selecting the "Reload" option after right-clicking it.

Normal Mode

In-game description: Reloading ejects or inserts a magazine. Magazines must be reloaded separately.

Hardcore Mode

In-game description: Reloading ejects or inserts a magazine. Magazines must be reloaded separately. Weapons must be racked before firing to ensure a round is chambered. This allows the pistol to hold one additional round, as when you rack it it becomes 14+1, and if you eject the magazine you can load in another bullet, reinsert it, and have 15+1 rounds.


item Pistol
	AmmoType			= BerettaClip,
	ImpactSound			= null,
	MaxRange			= 10,
	WeaponSprite			= Handgun,
	SoundVolume			= 75,
	MinAngle			= 0.95,
	Type				= Weapon,
	MinimumSwingTime		= 0.5,
	ToHitModifier			= 1.5,
	NPCSoundBoost			= 1.5,
	KnockBackOnNoDeath		= TRUE,
	Ranged				= TRUE,
	SwingAmountBeforeImpact		= 0,
	ProjectileCount			= 1,
	ConditionLowerChanceOneIn	= 60,
	Weight				= 2,
	SplatN.umber			= 3,
	PushBackMod			= 0.3,
	MaxDamage			= 1.6,
	SubCategory			= Firearm,
	ConditionMax			= 10,
	ShareDamage			= FALSE,
	MaxHitCount			= 1,
	IsAimedFirearm			= TRUE,
	DoorDamage			= 5,
	UseEndurance			= FALSE,
	SwingAnim			= Handgun,
	WeaponWeight			= 2,
	DisplayName			= Pistol,
	MinRange			= 0.61,
	SwingTime			= 0.5,
	MultipleHitConditionAffected	= FALSE,
	SwingSound			= Weapons/Firearm/9mmShot,
	SoundRadius			= 150,
	MinDamage			= 1,
	SplatSize			= 3,
	KnockdownMod			= 2,
	SplatBloodOnNoDeath		= TRUE,
	Icon				= HandGun,
	RunAnim				= Run_Weapon2,
	CriticalChance 			= 20,
	AimingPerkCritModifier 		= 10,
	AimingPerkRangeModifier 	= 1.5,
	HitChance 			= 45,
	AimingPerkHitChanceModifier 	= 15,
	AimingPerkMinAngleModifier 	= 0.05,
	RecoilDelay 			= 20,
	SoundGain 			= 1.5,
	ClipSize 			= 15,
	ReloadTime 			= 20,
	AimingTime 			= 40,
	BreakSound  			= PZ_MetalSnap,
	MetalValue 			= 30,

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