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Welcome to the MalonyJenkins User Page.
Current Status: RL busy at this time. (Date 26/06/17). Will answer questions intermittently if I'm around. SmallHotDrink.png
PZWiki: As many editors as zombie survivors!
If Tea was the solution to all our problems in the apocalypse, then clearly teabags must be considered a strategic resource.
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That awkward moment.
When the zombie is looking for brains and walks straight past you.

About the page editor:
Welcome to the MalonyJenkins User Page. Established in a very good year.

I fear I have made a enemy of the bot. Curse you "You edited too quickly" message! *waves fist at air randomly*.

MalonyJenkins Wiki Personnel File:
  • File Name: CLASSIFIED
  • Grade: C-1
  • Birthplace: United Kingdom
  • Primary Specialty: CLASSIFIED
  • Secondary Specialty: Grade 2 Chef
  • Subject stationed in Muldraugh, North America. Lost contact with subject before outbreak while following suspected lead.
  • Subject was living in SW quarter of UK before being posted to Muldraugh.
  • Further information requires higher clearance.
  • Qualified Expert in CLASSIFIED.

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Spiffo hard at work writing up his CV. Zombie Apocalypse's create many job vacancies.
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