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[[Category:Spiffo's Construction Crew (Project)]]
[[Category:Spiffo's Construction Crew (Project)]]

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Stairs Piece

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Stairs are required for the player to walk up to a higher floor of a house, each stair allowing 1 additional floor. The player can currently only construct Wood Stairs.

When stairs are placed, there is always 1 plank flooring, to prevent fall. However, to make a successful roof/additional floor, one will have to use additional plank floorings to prevent fall.


Name Recipe Description
Stairs Piece x1
Nails.png + Plank.png + Hammer.png
Nails x8 Plank x8 Hammer x1
(consumed) (consumed)
Wooden stairs that can be placed in various locations throughout the game world. A player can fall off or through the stairs. In the current game builds, the stair injury occurrence is high. Carpentry Level 6

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