Burglar Alarm

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PlushSpiffo.pngThis article is about the alarm that is triggered when entering a house. For the home alarm item, see Home Alarm.
Note: This page was updated with Version 0.2.0r of Project Zomboid in mind. If the page turns out to be outdated please add an outdated Notice banner.

Occasionally, a house has a built-in burglar alarm that generates a loud siren noise when a player/zombie enters a house via the door or window. The burglar alarm sounds for about two in-game hours and the sound distance has a radius of about 250 tiles, which is the same distance that sound from a Sawn Off Shotgun will travel. Since zombies are attracted to sound, the beeping of the burglar alarm will attract even more zombies to the alarm's location. A good way to spot a burglar alarm before it even rings is to watch nearby zombies after you get inside the house. If there's no noise, yet suddenly the zombies in the area start to wander towards the house, a burglar alarm is about to sound, thus giving the player enough time to escape.