Burglar Alarm

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PlushSpiffo.pngThis article is about the alarm that is triggered when entering a house. For the home alarm item, see Home Alarm.

Not to be confused with a Home Alarm, the Burglar Alarm is a potential hazard you can encounter when looting buildings in Project Zomboid.


When burglar alarms are tripped, a loud siren noise can be heard coming from the building it is tripped by when a player/zombie enters a house via the door or window. With default settings, about 10% of houses are alarmed. After a three-second delay, the burglar alarm sounds for about twenty in-game minutes with a sound radius of about 600 tiles, which is over twice the distance that sound from a Sawed-off JS-2000 Shotgun will travel. Since zombies are attracted to sound, massive hordes of zombies will be attracted to the alarm's location.

Ways to Deal with Alarms

As of currently, there is no real counterplay when you trip an alarm. Your best course of action is to abandon the building and the surrounding area and be ready for zombies to be heading from every direction.